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Volume 8 Issue 9 - June 2003

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DISC VERIES THE WHOLENOTE'S CD FORUM D/SCoveries is a CD review section designed to complement and enhance our pre-eminent coverage of Toronto's live classical, jazz and new music concert scene, featuring reviews by WholeNote columnists and independent contributors. CDs are considered for review iri the following categories: 1. "Concert prep" - CDs, new or otherwise, which tie in with events being featured in the current issue of tl1e magazine. Many discs in the other categories also relate to upcoming events as noted; 2. "New and Recent Releases" - newly released CDs relevant to our magazine's coverage of the music CONCERT PREP: Marjan Mozetich - Affairs of the Heart Juliette Kang; Nora Bumanis & Julia Shaw; CBC Vancouver Orchestra; Mal'.io Bernardi CBC Records SMCD 5200 scene; The liner notes to this album suggest 3. "Worth repeating" - CDs new- that among Marjan Mozetich's ccil.­ ly re-issued, or previously released leagues; composing music which but $till generally available, deemed aspires to touch people on a purely particularly noteworthy by a mem- emotional level is considered as ber of our edit°: rial panel; anachronistic as sporting a top hat and 4• "lndie list"_ Small label and in- spats. A musical palette restricted to d · d 1 CD ft " tu consonant intervals, incantatiorial epen ent re ease s, o en 1ea r- h hm d h 'bl h · incf "dual · th r yt s an compre ens1 e ar- :ng 1 !VI • s or groups active on e . monic progressions have lead others oca music scene. to place Marjan Mozetich among the 5. "Disc(s) of the month" - Discs monotonous minimalists. In fact, he of special interest, often with a par- is closest in spirit to the fervent erotticular connection to the month's con- icism ofTcha.ikovsky. cert activities or editorial focus. Gentle and constantly undulating, his music creeps in and out on little We think DISCoveries is a logical cat's feet. Indeed, the first two works and exciting extension to The of this album flow so effortlessly into WholeNote's coverage of the Toronto music scene. We welcome your each other that they may as well be one piece. Affairs of the Heart is a feedback and invite submissions. passionate concerto for violin and Catalogues, review copies of CDs string orchestra sensitively performed by the young Juliette Kang. and comments should be sent to: The WholeNote, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON MST 2N4. We also we!- The evocative Postcards from the Sky for string . orchestra follows quite come your input via our website, www nicely as an appendix. David Olds Editor, DISCoveries RECORDS LIMITED The Passion of Angels is a remarkable double concerto featuring harpists Nora Bumanis and Julia Shaw. This paean to "longing, desire and ecstasy" makes the comparison with Tchaikovsky explicit with a quotation from his "Pathetique" symphony. There are exceptional splashes of colour in Mozetlch's writing for full orchestra that are reminiscent of the American exuberance of John Adams' works. Mario Bernardi provides a highly sympathetic interpreta.tion ofp-iese works, and the recorded sound is first rate. Daniel Foley Concert note: Michael Sweeney will give the premiere performance of Mozetich 's Concerto for Bassoon & Strings with Mayumi Seiler and the Seiler Strings Chamber Orchestra in the Via Salzburg series at Glenn Gould Studio on June 6. Seven Last Words of Christ Ottawa Chamber Music Society Andrew Dawes, Julian Armour et al CMS Classics CMS-560201 As a string quartet? Apparently so, and this is just one of four different settings that also include orchestral, choral, and solo piano. Haydn produced ihis version right after his original orchestral score, commissioned for a Lenten service in the Cathedral of Cadiz. Benefiting from the fine acoustics of Ottawa's Christ Church Cathedral this recording is well balanced and remarkably clean. Artistically, it offers a rare glimpse of how Haydn, "father" of the string quartet form, used the ensemble in service of a sacred program. The players assembled for this project by the Ottawa Chamber Music Society faced two major hurdles: sustaining a 64-minute work in which all the movements except the last one .are slow, and projecting an interpretation that reaches beyond the sombre boundaries of the Seven Last Words. The quartet: Andrew Dawes, Manuela Milani, Guylaine Lemaire and Julian Armour offer a performance of satisfying depth and agility. They allow Haydn's masterful quartet writing to guide them through chame leon-1 i ke harmonic shadings, rhythmic pulses and pizzicato passages that frequently tempt one to forget the Lenten theme. Perhaps McLuhan had a point about the "me-, dium" being the "message"? CMS Classics is a new Canadian label with just two recordings to date. Their first CD, Schubert's C Major Quintet, was a critical success. This disc offers the promise of a superb catalogue. Chamber music lovers will want more - and soon. Alex Baran Concert Note: The 10th Ottawa · Chamber Music Festival runs from July 26 to August 9, check for fall details. NEW RELEASES Vivaldi - La Stravaganza Rachel Podger; Arte Dei Suonatori Channel Classics CCS SA 19503 It had to happen eventually! Ever since the 1960's, pioneers such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt and a host of English specialists, have brought performances on "period instrum.ents '.'into the mainstream. Canada's own Tafelmusik and groups like the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra in San Francisco have flown the flag in North America. In recent yearS·il new generation of perform- MCP Music Creation and Production Services •editing •mixing •mastering •composition • orc~estration Pro Tools I Logic .A.udio Digital Suite Timothy Sullivan, Mus.Doc. Expertise, Intelligence and Musicality Competitive Rates visit: (416) 923-9215 52 June 1 - July 7 2003

ers has emerged such as the Polish their diverse backgrounds these baroque orchestra, Arte Dei Suona- players speak a common musical tori. Forined in 1993, this ensemble language. Cornetist Bob Barnard, has already invited many early mu- visiting from his native Australia, sic specialists to work with them. sounds right at home with reedman I can't imagine hearing a better Jim Galloway and guitarist Reg performance of Vivaldi's La Strava- Schwager, Torontonians who came ganza concerti. The orchestra is to this country from Scotland and large (including two theorbos), plays Holland respectively, and bassist in a robust style, yet is able to change Keter Betts and drummer Jackie mood and character in a very subtle Williams, American musicians manner. This is exciting, informed who've worked with many of the playing. It is light and lively and with jazz greats. an expression that captures the spirit The pianoless rhythm section plays of the music wonderfully. A lot of with an open, buoyant feeling that the credit must go to English violinist inspires the front line. Bob Barnard Rachel Podger, who directs and plays is a confident, full-toned cornetist the solos. This is clean and poised whose inspiration would appear to be playing. She has a particular gift for the great melodic brass players of ornamenting the slow movements, the 1930sand '40s. But the nice thing the orchestra often providing a se- - ill he has his own personal sounrl and rene background. conception. Jim Galloway is heard The presentation box of this 2 CD on alto and baritone saxophones as set is lush, with many images of the well as his regular soprano. On the soloist (with good reason). This former he evokes the jump style of Channel Classic recording is for s'ale the swing era. And his baritone playin North America as 2 CDs for the ing is, as always, a joy. price' of one. For lovers of Baroque The group's choic_e of tunes is anmusic and Vivaldi in particular you other big plus. There are no overshould run to the shop to buy it! The played mainstream warhorses here. orchestra also has a cool website: Selections include Taps Miller, a www. personagrata. pl. piece Buck Clayton wrote for Count Kevin.Mallon Basie, and Wholly Cats, a number seldom played by anyone outside the Wholly Cats Benny Goodman sextet. There's also · Bob Barnard, Jim Galloway an original from the pen of the great Sackville SKCD2-3066 Scottish clarinetist Sandy Brown. Six standards and a Galloway/Barnard original complete the program which was recorded last fall during an engagement at the Montreal Bistro. It should be noted that the superb engineering puts the CD listener front and centre. Don Brown Experience counts. Case in point: the ad-hoc quintet heard in this live recording sounds more like an established working group. In spite of Czech "Degenerate Music" Vol. III - Viktor Ullmann Kocian Quartet; Radoslav K vapil Praga Digitals PRD 250 180 In 1942 the Czech composer Viktor · Ullmann was arrested by the Nazis Arbiter Artifact Attacca Bridge CRI Donemus . Metier Mode Montaigne NM Classics New Albion New World Tall Poppies and deported to theTerezin concentration camp. Joining a remarkable group of feHowcprisoners - artists, writers and musicians - he wrote his best-known work, the expressionist opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis, as well as the four pieces on this disc. The harrowing circumstances of the creation and survival of these works makes this disc especially poignant, since Ullmann was murdered two days after being transported to Auschwitz on Oct. 16, 1944. Although he was a student of Schoenberg, Ullmann rejected the strictures of a rigorously atonal harmonic language. Directly communicative, his style can be humorously' ironic or delicately poetic. But in the light of his tragic situation it is difficult to resist looking for suggestions of impending catastrophe in these works. In the exquisite Largo of the String Quartet No. 3, a passage marked "senza espressione" reveals the searing emotional devastation of the composer's horrific situation. In the Piano Sonata No. 7, with its heartbreaking dedication to Ullmann's three children, an ebullient march veers off into a menacing parody. His quotations - a Czech hymn, a Hebrew folk song, a Lutheran chorale - become cries for freedom. The elegant Kocian Quartet gives a heartfelt and eloquent performance of Ullmann' s only surviving quartet. CONTINUES NEXT PAGE ART& MUSIC ANEW SERIES FROMNAXOS MONET Music of his Time Plus: Picasso, Rubens, Turner, Van Gogh, Manet, & Caravaggio. Each CD includes 1 colour booklet, informative notes, chronology, plus a full CD of music from the period. Available at fine record and book stores _:JlLJ[jj[_lll Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill mn wnffi( mn mn NAXOS .JJUL.lllU.. illllJlllUUil.._ www 53

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