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Volume 8 Issue 9 - June 2003

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own Desen Nigunim is

own Desen Nigunim is based on melodies which came to him "while doing a movement improvisation alone one evening in the Judean desert in Israel" - a slow duet for piano and bass clarinet, the emotional intensity of this beautiful ballad lends itself well to the extended techniques used by the performers. In contrast, van de_Yen's Whassat, with its threepart writing, is a message of hope. Throughout the release, van de Ven, Katz and Lansdorp incorporate subtlety and nuance to their obvious music-making joy. The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band's new release Sweet Return is a fun, toe-tapping and uplifting journey. The group has evolved enormously since its beginnings more than a decade ago; the klezmer tunes and rhythms on the traditional tracks act as a springboard for the shining original compositions which each band member has contributed. Like Collected Stories, each composer's personal musical sensibility aids to push the klezmer boundaries to new heights. Bassist Andrew Downing's Was a Little Lad isa march-like ditty with a cabaret flavour for the "roving wind band''. Marilyn Lerner's (piano/accordion) Einstein 's Hora superimposes her jazz, classical and free improvisation know-how to the klezmer tradition in a haunting manner. Clarinetist Bob Stevenson's Shabbes Goyim/Ghosts is a catchy and humorous medley based on Bob's "childhood as a non-Jew in a Jewish neighbourhood." Vocalist Dave Wall goes the traditional route with his Peacock And Turkey but it is his moving setting of the poem When Eternity Weeps by Avram Sutskever that keeps getting better and better with each listening. The roving melody and shifting rhythms of Daniel Barnes' Voyage of the Grandfathers allows the band to really groove and sets the stage for superb improvisations. Leader/trumpeter David Buchbinder's offerings find him delving into numerous styles, but it is the final track with its full horn section, Shekhina: Cut from the Same Cloth (with lyrics by Dave Wall, Kyo Maclear and Roula Said), that really makes one want to get up and keep dancin'. As to be expected, all the playing is top-notch with superstar special guest Jane Bunnett and other guest musicians filling in the roster. Two different takes on traditional Jewish music, two different sweet success stories . Collected Stories and Sweet Return each mark departures. What the future holds is really exciting. Listen and enjoy! TiinaKiik 58 +Guitars +Music books +Amps +Digital pianos +Keyboards +Lessons +Accessories +Music software YAMAHA&~y 4 Area Locations: +2431 Yonge St., Toronto 416-485-8868 +Scarborough Town Centre 416-296-8840 +Square One Mississauga 905-896-7766 +349 King St. W., Oshawa 905-576-2414 Really good food that ~ just happens to (r;~ ~ be vegetarian! flt' Live jazz piano playing on every Thursday night 655 Bay St. (enter off Elm) (416) 596-9364 lecommensal We are a IO-minute walk from many theatres. Inquire about .00 parking for dinner & show. June 1 - July 7 2003

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