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Volume 8 Issue 9 - June 2003

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WholeNote's Sf?ecial

WholeNote's Sf?ecial Editorial Focus and Publication Schedule to November 2004 JULY 1 TO SEPTEMBER 7 Editorial focus: Detailed Listings of Summer Music Festivals Published: Friday, June30, 2003 SEPTEMBER 1 TO OCTOBER 7 Editorial Focus: Community Bands Published: Thurs., Aug. 28, 2003 OCTOBER 1 TO NOVEMBER 7 Editorial Focus: Presenter Profiles, 2003-04 Published: Fri., Sept. 26, 2003 NOVEMBER 1 TO DECEMBER 7 Editorial Focus: New Music Published: Thurs., Oct. 30, 2003 DEADLINES: (All dates refer to the month prior to publication of the magazine. Holidays may alter the schedules shown below.) Listings: 15th of the month Advertising Reservations: 18th of the month B&W (Colour, 13th) Advertising Material Delivery: 20th of the month CONTACTS: Listings: Simone Desilets 416-323-2232 Advertising Reservations: Allan Pi.liker or Karen Ages 416-323-2232 Editorial: David Perlman 416-603-3786 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS AcMJEMY OF Music 17 FESTIVAL W1ND ORCHESTRA 32 ACROBAT Music 54 GARY ARMSTRONG 18 ALL THE KING'S VOICES 17 GEORGE HEINL 23 AMADEUS CHOIR 14 GRANO RIVER BAROQUE FESTIVAL 2 AMICI 7 ' HARKNETI MUSICAL SERVICES 23 ANALEKTA 10 HART HOUSE SINGERS 14 ANNO DOMINI 17, 32 HELICONIAN CLUB 51 ARAOIA ENSEMBLE 28 JANET CATHERINE DEA 26 ARRAYMUSIC 27 JOHN ALLIN 29 AvAHANG Duo 34 KATARINA BuLAT 51 BRon SUMMER Music FESTIVAL 26 KOMITAS MUSICAL ASSOCIATION 34 CAM MAC CEDAR GLEN 50 LISTME.CA 21 CANMJIAN Music CENTRE 57 LONG & McQuMJE 18 CANCLONE 54 MARKHAM THEATRE CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK 22 FOR PERFORMING ARTS 61 CHURCH OF Sr. McDOUGALL ComGE 42 STEPHEN· IN· THE-FIELD 17 MICHAEL SWEENEY 29 CLAVIERS BAROQUES 12 MIKROKOSMOS 55 COLLABORATIONS 30 MISSISSAUGA FESTIVAL CoLLINGWOOO YOUTH CHOIR 17 SUMMER Music FESTIVAL 21 Music AT METROPOLITAN 24 CoMMENSAL, LE 58 Music MONDAYS 27 .CONTACT Music TORONTO 7 CONTEMPORARY ENSEMBLE 33 NATHANIEL Om CHORALE 16 COUNTERPOINT CHORALE 14 NAXOS 53 CREATIVE HuM ToRONTO Music NEW OPERA AND CAMP 50 CONCERTS CENTRE 30 DAVE SNIDER Music CENTRE 21 NoRTH 44° 16 DAVID JENSEN HARPSICHORDS 18 NORTH ToRONTO ELORA FESTIVAL 39 - INSTITUTE OF Music 50 EMI CLASSICS 58 OPERA EVERYWHERE 32 ENcOR£ SYMPHONIC OPERA MISSISSAUGA 64 CONCERT BAND 33 ORPHEUS CHOIR 17' 22, 28 ExcEL-ABILITY LEARNING 26 PHILIP L. DAv1s LuTHIER 12 ExEcur1vE STEREO 58 RCM Music & BooK STORE 57 FESTIVAL DE lANAUDIERE 3 REMENYI HOUSE OF Music 8 FESTIVAL OF THE SouNO 11 RIVERDALE ENSEMBLE 29 ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF Music 27 SINFONIA TORONTO 9 · SINGING Our 31 SouND Posr 18 S.R.I. 4 STUDIO A-MIRAOOR 55 SUSAN CROWE CoNNELL y 51 SYMPHONY IN THE BARN 63 T AFELMUSIK 62 TIMOTHY SULLIVAN 52 T OREAOOR RECORDS 53 TORONTO CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BoARo STAFF ARrs 25· TORONTO CHILDREN'S CHORUS 33 TORONTO CULTURE 27 TORONTO DOWNTOWN ·JAZZ FESTIVAL 23 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER FESTIVAL 13 TORONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 15 TORONTO SCHOOL FOR STRINGS 26 TORONTO SCHOOL OF Music 25 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BooKSTOR£ 12 UNIVERSITY SmLEMENT Music AND ARrs ScHooL 50 VAGUIF KERIMOV 51 VERGE 53 VICTORIA SCHOLARS 31 Viv Al YOUTH SINGERS oF TORONTO 14 VL CUSTOM 51 VocALP01NT CHAMBER CHOIR 17 VOICES 31 WALTERS Music CENTRES 58 WARE AcMJEMY OF Music 26 WEBSCHERZO 39 ZEN RECORDS 52 ' COVER STORY 2003 SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALS by Allan Pulker There are two concert seasons: fall-winter-spring which comes to an end this month, and summer, which starts in June and takes place mostly in rural areas and small towns, the one major exception being the Ottawa festival. The following overview of the summer season is an attempt to reveal the incredible variety, creativity and resourcefulness that characterize this amazing summer season by bringing into focus one person or theme related to each festival. It was not possible to cover every festival, but w·e can be sure there are equally fascinating stories and individuals behind all of those not touched upon in this article. PARTS WEST soprano of the Linz Opera GRAND RIVER House and more recently has BAROQUE FESTIVAL been engaged to sing the lead soprano role in Intolleranza by · . Last summer at the Symphony . Luigi Nono, in Saarbrticken, m the Barn, soprano, Donna Germany. The experience last Ellen Trifunovich's artistry summer at the Symphony in the elevated every one of the six Barn was extremely positive, performances of Gluck's opera, both for Ms. Trifunovich and Orfeo ed Euridice. for her husband, Ernst Donna is one of the many Dunshirn, who conducted Canadian singers (she grew up Orfeo. The good news is that in Fergus, Ontario and studied both Donna and Ernst will be music at Wilfrid Laurier back this summer: Donna will ~niversity) who have almos~ be one of several fine singers disappeared from the Canadian performing in concerts, scene into a highly successful including Bach's Mass in B Ij:uropean career. For ten years Minor, at the Grand River she was the lead coloratura Baroque Festival. · ON OUR COVER Grand River Baroque Festival's Jim Mason and Julie Baumgartel set the summer's tone PHOTO: W ERNER L INDSCHINGER SYMPHONY IN 1HE BARN A few weeks later in July Ernst Dunshirn will be conducting an ambitious and imaginative series of orchestral concerts at the Symphony in the Barn. The orchestra he will conduct will be composed of young . professionals between the ages of twenty and thirty, who will not only play but will be taking on an experiment in communal living in a tent city, growing much of the food they eat and preparing their own meals. The experiment, an outgrowth of last year's festival, will bring to life the Symphony in the Barn's motto, "Where culture meets agriculture." For many of the young musicians who performed there last summer the CONTINUED ON PAGE 38 6 June 1-July7 2003


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