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Volume 8 Issue 9 - June 2003

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18. How many of these

18. How many of these performances did you select based on seeing an advertisement in WholeNote Magazine? ______ _ 19. How many of these performances are subscription based? -------- . 20. Thinking back to the performances you attended in the 2002/2003 ·season, approximately what was the lowest ticket price you paid and what was the highest? Lowest: $ Highest: $ _'___ 21. On average, how much do you spend on purchasing CDs per month? $ ____ 22. In the past year, approximately how frequently did you attend music performances in each of the following categories? (Assign numbers as 0, 1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-9 or 10 times or more.) ___ Choral ___ Chamber Music Classical Orchestra Concert Band Ensemble ___ Early Music/Baroque ___ Jazz ___ Music Theatre New Music Opera ___ Other (specify) _____ _ 23. To what extent do you agree with each of the following statements? On a scale of 1 to 10, from Do Not Agree at All (1) to Strongly Agree (10), please rate these statements with numbers to the left. ___ I attend more music performances since I started. reading WholeNote. -- I usually .keep one copy of Whole Note at home and one at the office. -- My copy of WholeNote stays in use for the whole month. - -- The advertisements in WholeNote frequently grab my attention. ___ The cover story is one of the best features of WholeNote. __ The information in WholeNote encourages me tci attend concerts I would not have attended without reading about them. -- The information in WholeNote encourages me to purchase CDs I would not have purchased without reading about them. _ ·- WholeNote is my most important source for staying up to date on what other performing groups in the music community are doing. WHOLENOTE'S READERSHIP . SURVEY (Continued} 24. In the past year, approximately how many times have ·you followed through on any of the advertisements you saw in WholeNote Magazine? (For example, you bought a ticket, product or lessons, inquired about service~. visited a store, or accessed a website for more information.) Number of times -- Auditions -- CD Producers & Distributors -- Coaching, Lessons (Vocal or other) __ Instrument Makers, Stores and Services -- Music and/or Book Stores --Music Schools, Workshops, etc. -- Other Services (e.g., Photography. Media, etc.) -- Performances, Events, Festivals, etc. -y - Radio -- Restaurants --. (Un)classifieds -- Venues (Roy Thomson Hall, St James' Cathedral, etc.) -- Other (Specify)~------ 25. Did you know, prior to filling out this survey, that WholeNote has a Website? DYes DNo 26. If you were unable to obtain a paper copy ofWholeNote, how likely is it that you would go to the WholeNote website? D Not at all likely D Somewhat likely D Very likely D Extremely likely 27. What age group are you in? D Under25 D 25-34 D 35-44 D 45-54 D 55-64 065+ 28. D Male D Female 29. What is the highest l~vel of education you have completed? D Some High School D High School Graduate D Some College, Techniccrl School, or University D College or Technical School Graduate D University Graduate D Postgraduate Degree 30. Which of the following best describes your total annual household income from all sources? D Less than ,000 D ,000 - ,999 D ,000 - ,999 D ,000 - ,999 D 0,000 or more 31. Which of the following categories best describes your current employment status? D Employed Full/Part Time DHomemaker D Retired D Self-Employed D Student D Other 32. How many people are there in your household (including yourself?) Adults (18 and over) Children under 18 33. Please enter the first three characters of Your home postal code: ____ _ Your work postal code: ____ _ 34. Please describe any other comments or recommendations you have for WholeNote Magazine. ___________ _ THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO TEU US ABOUT YOURSELF AND GWING US YOUR FEEDBACK! ' -< .o : 3: ' l> ';= '· O :::c ',, ')> ,. •X ' -0 ,r ,m ' )> ,en ,m ' 'c : -< ' )> ,r ,o ,z 'G) '-< : :! •CJ> :c ,z ,m ' ' : ~ ' 60

Complete this Survey, Win CDs, AND Help WholeNote! Send in WholeNote's Readership Survey Questionnaire, on paper or on-line, and win one of our 84 CD prizes! Nine recording companies have generously donated some of their most popular CDs as prizes. Please match their generosity by sending in your completed questionnaire today! On July 2, 2003 we will be making a random draw for each of these fabulous CDs from the names of readers who submitted a completed questionnaire. Please take the time to fill out your questionnaire on the preceding two pages or - easier still - go to our Website at and fill it out there. (Winners should note that delivery may take 6-8 weeks.) Your responses will help us to shape the future of WholeNote and assist us in targeting the advertising that pays for our magazine's production and distribution, allowing you to receive WholeNote at no cost. Your participation in this Readership Survey will be a significant contribution to the survival and growth of WholeNote. Winners will be announced in the September issue! For a complete list of prize CDs, see our Website at THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP O Please send me a FREE copy of your New Brochure! Ill City: Postal Code: _____ Fax this fonn to: 905-415-7538 Visit our website at: Drop this off at our Box Office: 171 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario L3R SGS Box Office hours: Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. CENTRE DISCS C£NTR£DISQU£S Opening nay ..

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