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Volume 9 Issue 10 - July/August 2004

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MUSKOKA LAKES continued 13 S:OO: Moshe Hammer, violin; Michael T roaster, classical guitar. 14 B:OOi s·kylark: Vocal Jazz Trio. 15 S:OO: The Piche Family: East Coast & Celtic c 20 7:00: Tuesday Night Jazz Cruise: The Bour· bon Street Buskers (Dixieland Swing Band). 20 8:00: Baul Brodie, saxophone; Michael Troester, classical guitar. 21 8:00: Adi Braun, jazz vocalist. 22 8:00: Seeds of Sun: Israeli jazz ensemble 27 7:00: Tuesday Night Jazz Cruise: Swing Nair: Swing classics from the 20's & 30's. 27 8:00: Ravel, Debussy, Faure. Trio Lyra: Erica Goodman, harp; Mark Childs, viola; Suzanne Schuhnan, flute. ZS S:OO: Tales from the Blue Lounge: Richard Underhill, jazz saxophone. Z9 8:00: Beverlie Roberts, folk singer. August 03 7:.00: Tuesday Night Jazz Cruise: Kory Living· stone: Tribute to Nat King Cole. 03 8:00: Jasper Wood, violin. 04 S:OO: The Whitney Smith Big Steam Band. 05 8:00: Pavlo: Mediterranean guitar. IO 7:00: Tuesday Night Jazz Cruise: Moodswings, jazz ensemble. 10 8:00: George Gao, erhu 11 8:00: Songs Sinatra Taught Me: Toronto All· Star Big Band; T onmy Ambrose, vocalist. 14 8:00: Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards. . NIAGARA International Chamber Music Festival Niagara·on·the·Lake ON 905468·5567; Philipp Jundt, flute; A tis Bankas, Terry Holow· ach, violins; Alexander Gajic. viola; Olga Lak· tionova, cello. RG 31 7:30: Music & Wine. Works by Satie, Roach, Dolphy, Croall. Members of ERGO ensemble: Stephen Clarke, piano; Peter Stoll, clarinet; Philipp Jundt, flute; Richard Moore, drums. ST August O 12:00: Music & Wine: Intimate Harpsichord. J.S. & C.P.E. Bach. Doug Miller, flute; George Cleland, viola; Cecile Desrosiers, harpsichord; A tis Bankas, violin. PE 01 7:30: Music at Historic Churches. Niagara Symphony Woodwind Quartet. Works by Chail· ley, Jacob, Mozart, Janacek, Werner. Doug Miller, flute; Rob D'Orante. oboe; Zoltan Kahnan, clarinet; Joyce Besch, bassoon. SA OZ 7:30: Shaw an Opera. Arias & vocal ensem· bles by Puccini. Verdi & Leoncavallo. James Mainprize, narrator; Narelle Martinez, mezzo· -soprano; Marie Fischer. soprano; Peter DeSotto, tenor. CH 03 7:30: Glenn Gauld & Chamber Music. Replica of Glenn Gould's program at Stratford Festival, August 7, 1960. Works by Beethoven. Robert Silverman, Vadim Serebryany, piano; A tis Ban· kas. violin; Temour Sadykhov, cello. SM 04 5:00: Preludes ta the Play. Works by Tremain & Liszt. Karen Enns, Arthur Rowe, piano. CH 04 7:30: Music at Histanc Churches. Celebrating International Dvorak Year. Penderecki String Quartet. GC 05 7:30: Glenn Gauld & Chamber Music. C.ontro: versial Interpretations of Glenn Gould. Robert Silverman, piano, plays Beethoven, Chopin, Seri· abin. SM 06 5:00: Preludes ta the Play. Works by Coulthard & Boiillman. Duo Lepin: Natalie Lepin, piano; Sebastien Lepin, cello. CH , 07 7:30: Music & Wine. Mozart. Brahms. Linda single concerts; "Wine and Music" Rose, Oleh Krysa, violins; Gould String Quartet; series; Galas; for live regular concerts; other performers. ST 5 festival pass. OB Z:OO: Music & Wine. Works by De Fossa, Venues: Boccherini, Mertz, de Falla. Jeffrey McFadden, SM St. Mark's Anglican Church, 41 Byron Ave. guitar. Linda Rose, Terry Holowach, violin; Spen· VP St. Vincent de Paul Church, 73 Picton St.; PE cer Martin, viola; Teimour Sadykhov. cello. PE Peller Estate Winery, 290 John St.; ST Stone· 09 IZ:OO: Wards& MusicatNaan. Readings by church Winery, 1270 Irvine Rd., St. Catharines Canadian poets and authors; works by Liszt; ON; FT Shaw Festi_val Theatre, 85 Queen St.; Glazunov; McDowell, with participants of Int. CC Chateau des CharmesWinery, 1025 York School for Musical Arts. Free. CH Rd., St. David's ON; CH Court House, Queen St.; 09 7:30:Shaw an Chapin & Liszt. Ben Carlson, GC Grace United Church, 222 Victoria St.; SA narrator, Jane Solose, Janina Kuzmas, piano; St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 342 Simcoe JuliaBushkova, viofin; Eugern Osadchy, cello. CH St.; RG Riverbrink Gallery; FG Fort George 10 7:30: Music at Histanc Churches. Beethoven, July: Brahms. Gary Relyea, bass; Vadim Serebryany, Z6 7:30: Festival Opening & Gala Reception. piano; Julia Bushkova, A tis Bank as, Terry Works by Croall, Mozart, Vivaldi. Cary Ebli, Holowach, violin; Spencer Martin, Alexander oboe; Vadm Serebryany, piano; A tis Bankas, Gajic, viola; Eugene Os,adchy, Olga Laktionova, violin; Orchestra of St. Mark's. SM cello. SM Z7 7:3D:Music at Historic Churches. Organ 11 Z:OO: Music at Historic Niagara. Clementi, works by Bach, Handel & others. Roger Swin· Dussek, Military music of the period. File & ton, Andrew Henderson, organ; Festival Orches· Drum Band; Doug Miller, flute; Terry Holowach, tra. SM Ati~ Ba~kas, violin; Teimour Sadykhov, cello. FG 28 2:00:Beh1nd the Scenes af Music. Open Re· · 11 7:30: Music & Wine: Tango Dreams. Works hearsal of evening's program. Free. VP by Piazzolla, Luedeke. Jeffrey McFadden, guitar. ZS 7:30: Music at Historic Churches: ltahan Peter De Sotto, A tis Bank as, violin; Alexander Connection. Works by Veracini. Wolf, Wolf-Fer· Sevastian, accordion. ST r~ri, Rossini. A tis Bankas, Terry Holowach, 12 2:00: Open Master Class. Student partici· violins; Alexander Gajic, viola; Olga Laktionova, pants coached by distinguished musicians; per· cello; Bob Mills, bass. VP formance by festival artists. Free. SM 29 7:30: Glenn Gauld & Chamber Music. Bach. I z 7:30: Music at Historic Niagam. Works by Peter Tielenbach, piano; A tis Bankas, Terry Poulenc, Schnittke, Schubert. Oleh Krysa, A tis Holowach, violins; Alexander Gajic, viola; 61ga Bankas, violin; Spencer Martin, viola; Skaidra Laktionova, cello; Bob Mills, bass. SM Jancaite, soprano; Tatiana Tchekina, Nina 30 7:30:Musicat Histan"c.Churches. Niagara Kogan, piano; Julian Milkis, clarinet; Eugene Vocal Ensemble, Harris Lowen, conductor. VP Osadchy, cello. SM 31 2:0D:New Music Reading with Composers. - · 13 7:30: Music at Historic Niagara. Mozart, Stephen Clarke, piano; Peter Stoll, clarinet; Dvorak. Almita Varnes, Julia Bushkova, Linda 50 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM Rose, violin; Roland Varnes, Spencer Martin, viola; Eugene Osadchy, cello. GC 14 Z:OO: Via/in Tasting with Wine. Works by Bach, Sarasate,-Bruch, Mozart. Sadie Fields, Marta Krechkovsky, violin; Terry Borman, luthier. PE 14 7:30:Music& a?ne. Janac:ek,Sdumann Victor Dancherko, violin; Christe JWin, piano. ST 15 11 :OOam: Festival Artists at Shaw. Goetz, Elgar. Ani Schnarch, violin, Christie Julien, piano; Eugene Osadchy, cello; Gould String Quartet. FT 15 2:00: Bow Making with Wine. Canadian bow makers explain process. Works by Paganini, Po-pper, Wieniawski. Sadie Fields, Marta Krechk· ovsky, violin; Spencer Martin, viola; Teimour Sadykhov, cello. CC · 15 7:30:Music& Wine:Bachanaha. Works by Bach, Rowson. Doug Miller, flute; Gould String Quartet; Bob Mills, bass. PE 16 IZ:OO:ShowcaseafYoung Virtuosos. Works by 8hopin, .Sarasate, Paganini, Rachmaninov, with participants of International School for Musical Arts. Free. CH 16 7:30:Shaw an Gaetz & Elgar. Christopher Newton, narrator. Ani Schnarch, violin; Christie Julien, piano; Gould String Quartet. CH 17 5:00: Preludes ta the Play. Vazquez, Hin· demith. Skaidra Jancaite, soprano; Viacheslav Dinerchtein, viola; Julie Christie, piano. CH 17 7:30:Music at Historic Churches. Works by Bull Grieg, Bae~ Schubert. Zvi Zeitlin. violin; Tamara Dovgan, piano; Gould String Quartet. SM 1 B 7:30: final Gala & Reception. Works by Grieg, Smetana, Beethoven, Elgar. Zvi Zeitlin, An.i Schnarch, viotin; Viacheslav Direrchteil, viola; Gordon CE!and, cello; Tamara Dovgan, piano; Vadm Serebryany, piano; Gould String Quartet. SM OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL Chamber Music Festival 613-234-8008; Festival passes: (adult), (student); Pass·plus concerts (with Festival Passport): (adult), (student) Single concert tickets (without Festival Passport · available at the door only): (adult), O(stu· dent) Venues: DC Dominion-Chalmers United Church, 355 Cooper Street; CC Christ Church Cathedral, 420 Sparks Street Pass-plus concerts include the following: July: 24 B:OO:fmpire Brass DC 25 8:00: Tokyo String Quartet DC 26 B:DO:Beaux Arts T ria: 50th Anniversary Celebration DC 27 S:OO:fmma Kirkby, voice CC 28 B:OO:James Ehnes, via/in DC 28 8:00:Bach Cantatas. Performers include: Daniel Taylor, Carolyn Sampson, Scot Weir, Peter Harvey, Theatre of Early Music. CC 31 B:OO:Baraque Extravaganza. Performers include: Monica Huggett, Adrian Butterfield, Sbnnerie, Theatre of Early Music CC August DI B:OO:Marc-AndreHame!in,piilna. Beethoven: the last three piano sonatas DC 06 8:00: Chamber Music af Bmhms Xlll Leipzig String Quartet. DC 07 S:OO: Festival's Greatest Hits. Performers include: Leipzig String Quartet, Gryphon Trio, Thomas Annand, Julian Armour, Daniel Bolshoy, Phillippe Djokic, Guylaine Lemaire, Manuela Milani, Jullie Nesrallah, Paul Stewart, Lynne Stodola Jennifer Swartz, Stephen Sitarski. DC Far all other concerts (which number over 1 OOJ please see website. STRATFORD Summer Musk Stratford ON 800-567·1600; Tickets: unless indicated Venues: . CH City Hall; AR Avon River. KC Knox Church, Waterloo anll Ontario Streets; CR Church Restau· rant, 70 Brunswick St.; AF Avon Flats; TP Tom Patterson Island July: 2111 :15am:Maureen Forrester Canadian Art· ists Concert: James Ehnes, violin. CH 2 t 2:00: Organ Academy Masterclass# 1 with John Longhurst. Free. KC 21 S:DD:Avan River Pageant from The Stratford Belle; fireworks to Fantasy for a Midsummer's Night. Free. AR 22 9:3Dam: Organ Redtal· John Longhurst, Mormon Tabernacle. KC 22 11: 15am:Axe!rad Stradivanils Guartet: Beethoven- Prag. #1. CH 22 I 2:30: Barge Music. Son de Madera, Mexico. Free. AR . 22 i:DD: Organ Academy Masterclass #2 with John Longhurst. Free. KC 22 11:3Dpm:Afti1r·771eatre Cabaret: Beyond the Fringe with Stratford Festival Stars. CR 23 9:3Dam: Organ Recital· John Longhurst, Prag. #2. KC 23 11: 15am:Axe!rad Stradivanils Guartet: Beethoven - Prag. #2. CH 23 I 2:30: Barge Music. Son de Madera, Mexico. Free. AR 23 2:00: Organ Academy Masterclass #3 with John Longhurst. Free. KC 2311:30pm:After-7heaf/!1Cilbaret: The Vrice: Music af Fiank Sinatm. Stratford Festival Stars. CR 24 9:30am: Of{fan Redtal· John Longhurst, Prag: #3. KC 24 11 :DOam: Organ Academy Masterclass #4 with John Longhurst. Free. KC 24 11:15am:Axe!radStradivarius Guartet: Beethoven - Prag. #3. CH 24 12:30: Barge Music. Son de Madera, Mexico. Free. AR 24 2:00: Organ Academy Masterclass #5 with John Longhurst. Free. KC 24 2:00: Antique Stnng lnstroments Open Hause. Free. CH 24 11 :30pm: After-771eatre Cabaret: Beyond the Fringe. Stratford Festival Stars. CR 25 11 :15am:Axe/rad Stradivanils Guartet: Beethoven - Prag. #4, with Festival String Quar· tet. CH 25 I 2:30: Baige Music. Son de Madera, Mexico. Free. AR 25 2:00: Organ Academy Masterclass Participants' Redtal Free. KC 25 S:OO: Ukm1nian Bandurist Charos. Free. KC 26 B:OO:Ash/ey Macisaac. Free. AF 28 11:15am:Maureen Forrester Canadian Art· ists Concert: Andrew Chung, violin. CH 2812:30:BargeMusic. Creaking Tree String Quartet. Free. AR 28 11:30pm:After-771eatre Cabaret: 77le Music af Fmnk S1natm. Stratford Festival Stars. CR 29 9:30am: MannariStnng Guartet play Schafer - Prog.#1. CH 29 11:15am:St. LawrenceStnng auartet­ Prog. #1 . CH 2912:30:BargeMusic. Creaking Tree String Quartet. Free. AR 29 4:00:Hanif Somers. Lecture by architect A.J. Diamond, with soprano Leslie Fag,an. Free. CH 29 11:30pm:After·771eatre Cabaret: Beyond the Fringe. Stratford Festival Stars. CR 30 9:30am:MalinariString Guartet play Schafer JULY 1 - SEPT 7 2004

- Prog./12. CH 3011:15am:St. lawrenceStdngGuartet­ Prog. /12, with narrator Michael Therriault. CH 301Z:30:8aiyeMusic. Creaking Tree String Quartet. Free. AR 30 11 :30pm:After· Theatre Cabaret: The Voice: Music of Frank Sinatra. Stratford Festival Stars. CR 31 9:30am: MohnadStnng Guartet play Schafer - Prog./13. CH 3111:15am:St. lawrenceStnng Guartet­ Prog. ll!l, with narrator Diane D'Aquila; Scott St. John, violin; Simon Fryer, cello. CH 311Z:30:8aiyeMusic. Creaking Tree String Quartet. Free. AR 31 Z:DO:Stdng Master Class: string quartets & soloists. Free. CH 3111 :30pm:After Theatre Cabaret: Stratford Festival Stars Finale. CR August 01 9:3Dam: Molinad Stdng Guartet play Schafer -Prog./14, with soprano Mare-Danille Parent. CH 0111:15am:SUawrenceStdngGuartet- Prog. /14, with Scott St. John, violin. CH 011Z:3D:BaiyeMusic. Perth County Pipe Band. Free. AR - TORONTO DOWNTOWN Jazz Festival Mainstage events: Toronto Star Stage, Nathan Pliillips Square, 100 Queen St. West 416-870-8000 July: 01 B:OD:NewDea/, Wax Poetic opening DZ 8:00: Rite of Stnngs with Jean-Luc Ponty, Al Di Meola and Stanley Clarke, Alain Caron open· ing 03 8:00: Gary Burton Generations Guintet, Bad Plus opemng 04 8:00: DiyanSummit featudng Joey DeFranc· esco, Doug Riley, Jimmy McGn"ff, Paul Bollenback and Byron landham TORONTO International Chamber Music Festival Studio Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge Street 416-872-1111, 416-763-5066 Tickets: each concert July: OZ B:OO:Fanfare for a Festival. Celebrator/ evening of music to open the Second Annual Toronto International Chcrnber Music Festival. Anagnoson & Kinton, piano duo; John Fanning. baritone; Penderecki String Quartet; Lenard Whiting. tenor, Coleoptera Quartet 03 Z:OO:A Musical Goulash. Mary Kenedi, William Shookhoff, piano; Alan Stellings, cello; Festival Vocal Quartet & other performers 03 5:00:Jamn the Chamber. Without Words Jazz Trio; Gisele Kulak & Edward Franko, vocalists ' 03 8:00: An Intimate Evening with Luba Goy. Luba Goy; Bonita Boyd, flute; Nicholas Goluses, guitar, Lenard Whiting. tenor, Nina Scott-Stoddart, contralto & other performers 04 11 :OOam: The Future Music Al/Stars. Lucy­ Ana Gaston, violin; Allison Webe & Susan Smith, piano duo; Benjamin Smith, piano; Sarah Ormerod, soprano · 04 3:00:James Campbell and Ftiends. James Campbell, clarinet; Penderecki String Quartet; Moshe Hanrner, violin; Lenard Whiting. tenor, Shoshana Fredman, soprano; Festival Vocal Quartet )ULY 1 - SEPT 7 2004 2004 UPTOWN Jazz Festival Main Stage & Pool Side Stage events: Mel Lastman Square, 5100 Yonge Street 416-395-0490 Free admission. July: OZ 3:30-1 O:OOpm: Opening Ceremonies; Harry Murra; Eddie Bullen Trio. Main Stage OZ 5:30-9:00: Danel Jamison Pool Side Stage 03 1 Z:OO noon· 1 O:OOpm: Kevin Brown Trio; · Jake Langley Quintet; 480 East Band; Robin · Boers Trio, Clayton-Scott Group & other performers Main Stage 03 1 :00-7:30: OJ Jude Kelly Pool Side Stage 0412:00 noon-8:00: Harrison Kennedy; The Heillig Manoeuvre; Maureen Kennedy Trio; Bernie Senensky Quartet; Chris Smith; Closing Ceremonies Main Stage 04 1:00-7:15: Northern Secondary School Jazz · Band Pool Side Stage WESTBEN Arts Festival Theatre The Barn, 3 km northwest of Campbellford on County Road 30 705-653-5508, 1-877-883-5777 westben@westben. on. ca; www. westben. on. ca {cushion). {foldingchair), {st) · July: 01 & OZ Z:OO:Mozart: The Magic Flute. UBC Opera Ensemble; Nancy Hermiston, director. {cushion). {folding chair). {st). 03 & 04 Z:OO: Mozart, Party of 41 Flute Quartet in C; Piano Quartet in E flat. Leslie Newman, flute; Marie Berard, violin; Kent Teeple, viola; Winona Zelenka, cello; Brian Finley, piano. (cushion). {folding chair), (st). 06 7:00: Music of the Night. Music of Rachmaninoff, Strauss, Faure & Debussy. Leslie Fagan, soprano; Brian Finley, piano. {cushion), (folding chair). (st) 10 & 11 Z:OD: The Duke & Anita. C.Schirnann: P.iano Trio & selected songs; Beethoven: Arch· duke Trio. Duke Piano Trio: Mark Fewer, violin; Thomas Wiebe, cello; Peter Longworth, piano; Anita Krause, soprano; Brian Finley, piano 13 7:00:Danie/Bo/shoy,guitar 17 & 18 Z:OO:Bach to Brazil Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brazileiras /15; Baroque and Spanish music. Donna Bennett, soprano; Brian Finley, piano; Thomas Wiebe, Paul Widner & other cellists. ZO 7:00:8adtone& Piano. Schubert: Die Winter· reise. Russell Braun, baritone; Carolyn Maule, piano; introduced by Brian Finley ZZ·Z5 Z:OO & Z4 7:0D:Disney on Broadway. Music from the world of animated classics from Broadway & silver screen. Donna Bennett, so· prano; Gabrielle Prata, mezzo; Fred Love, tenor, Robert Longo, baritone; Brian Finley, piano. Z7 7:00: William Aide, piano 31 Z:OO: Independence Jazz Reunion. August 01 Z:OO: Independence Jazz Reunion. WINE, BLUES and all that Jazz Festival Birtch Farms and Estate Winery, RR 7 just north of Woodstock ON 519-469-3040; 1-day package: , 2-day package: , 3-day package: , group rates July: ZJ: Brad Scott Trio; Skidmore-Sinclair Musical; Denise Pelley Z4: Moonlight Six; After Four, Ken Foster Quintet ZS: Betty Ford and The Bobs; Big Smoke Big Band; Prime Time Big Band I ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES/SYMPOSIA, MASTER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, ETCETERA ANNOUNCEMENTS •July 11 O:OOam: Brighton Barn. Canada Day Celebrations. Full day of entertairvnent presented on the outside stage by Save Our Heritage Organization. Proctor-Simpson Barn, 96 Young St .. Brighton ON. 613-475-2144, •July 1 7:00: festival of the Sound. Canada Day Croise. Entertainment by jazz musician Craig Harley on the Island Queen. Town Dock, 9 Bay St .. Parry Sound. 866-364-0061, 705-746- 2410. , $10(child5·12). •July 3 5:00: Raga Music School. Grand Opening. Open house ceremony with opening speeches, followed by music. Performers in· elude Neeraj Prem, classical sitar, Sympathetic Strings, fusion ban~; Raagaffair, fusion band. 414 Dupont St. 416-895-3624, *July 9 & 107:00·1 l:OOpm: Toronto All· · Star Big Band. Performances at Toronto Fiesta Street Festival Corner of St. Clair & Dufferin Sts. 416-231-5695. Free. *July 9· 114:00-11:00pm: 7th Annual Cor· so Italia Toronto Fiesta Z004. Music from classical to salsa, performed by over 20 bands on patios & balconies and in Earlscourt Park Main Stage. 1 a.block radius including St. Clair Ave. West, Westmount Ave. & Lansdowne Ave. Free. •July 11 6:00: Petarborough Folk Festival. Jazz Croise: Doc Evans Guartet. Excursion around Litte Lake, throu{;l the historic Peterborougi Liftbcks & onto the Trent Canal 705-7 43-8431.. •July ZO & ZZ-Z4: Baaches International Jazz Festiva'1. Cinema of Jazz. Screenings at various tines of many movies about jazz-related subjects. Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen St. East. 416·699-9333./screening. *July Z5·Sep 5, Sundays 1·5: Sound Trav· els.Sign Waves Installation. Premiere of Two light classical music on the south terrepm lncW!s simt auction Fort Eril. 905-6874993. , O(st). •August 6 7:00: Sound Travels.SDUNDwalk, Ghettoblaster Ensemble Performance & Artist Talk on Spaciahiation. From Centre Island Ferry Dock to St. Andrew.!Jy-the-l~e Cluch. Toronto lsl

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