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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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TORONTO HEAR AND Now BRINGs You Composer companions, concert prep on the Chroma cp." Indeed, Arraymusic has appeared on am;i produced a significant number of recordings, most of which are available for audition and purchase at the Canadian by Jason van Eyk The new music concert season is will be primarily electronic, the act Music Centre. now in full swing, with many pre- of "exercising your ears" will presenters and ensembles launching pare you for the many extremities Micheline Roi have both Linda C. Smith aRd their 2003-2004 season this month. of sound presented in a multi-direc­ agreed to be composer As promised, Composer Compan- tional concert environment. companions for this Arraymusic season-open­ ions will highlightthree upcoming The series al sci offers educTech Biennial, SOUNDplay showcases larger scale works in-any genre of electroacoustic and e,xperimental sound art practice. This year's series focuses on silence and the perception of sound a)ld space. Programming includes aparenthesi by John Oswald and performances by harpsichordist/ composer vivie' vin9ent, including her large scale work anahata, Micheline Roi's lessening stillness _ growing, and ... and her mind moves upon silence by vivie' vin9ent and Arnnon Wolman. As weII, Sound Sites, an installation by Australian artist Lawrence Harvey;. will open at Latvian House, 491 -CIJilege Street. SOUNDplay Artistic Director Darren Copeland suggests preparing your ears for these spatiaJ.ized concerts by taking a soundwalk (or listening walk) in your neighborhood, focusing on all of the sounds you encounter individually as well as within the entire soundscape. Although the sounds in the concerts ~ M U S I C GALLERY INSTIT UTE Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front St. West) on October 17th features guest coriductor and composer Owen Underhill. He will lead the ensemble through a mostly Canadian programme· with works by Christopher Fox, Michael Longton, Rodney Sharman, Ana Sokolovic, Claude Vivier (arranged by Henry Kucharzyk) and Underhill himself. Composer Linda C. Smith, a previous Artistic Director of Arraymusic, has offered the following suggestions for preparation: "There is a CD of Owen's music called Celestial Machin,e on· the Artifact label, which includes an older work for Arraymusic titled Atthe Window. As there is also a work by Rodney Sharman on the concert, you might want to look at another work recorded by Arraymusic of his called Dark Glasses, Free Lµnch Music Wednesdays 12:30-1 :30pm Cleo Palacio-Quintin & CEE Oct. 8 Kyp Harness Oct. 15 Barry Prophet & Rick Sacks Oct. 22 MGI Ensemble & Open Jam Oct. 29 Music Gallery 197 John St. (416-204-10-80) Local composer Brian Current, who will be introducing the pre-concert talk on the evening of the 29th, offered the following insight. on Shadowman: "When the University of Toronto Symphony first performed the work, Schafer gave a riveting' speech. He described Shadowman as ,a piece that 'celebrates soldiery or, rather, the fu- vivie' vini;ent ici~m and filled with theatre and surprises." Chris Paul Harman, a recognized local composer, suggested the following to prepare for Paul Steenhuisen's work "Steenhuisen has his own website at http:// members. shaw .ca/steenhuisen. He has written a Jot about his own music, and has also interviewed R. Murray Schafer among other composers - his interviews are all available on his website." Indeed Steenhuisen's website is a great resource to learn more about him as a composer. It includes programme notes and articles on his works, sound clips and s~ore samples, among other resources. Chris Paul Harman, Brian Current and Darren Copeland have all agreed to be composer companions for this Esprit Orchestra season opener. . For more concert details _visit or call tility of soldiery' and spoke ofthe 416-815-7887. mysterious power of the soldier's To book your composer companion for these concerts, or for any drum to inspire heroism and suicide indiscriminately on the battlefield. He also talked about his imto area, contact the Ontario Region concert of new music in the Toronpulse to 'contrast the terror of percussion instruments with their, of the Canadian Music Centre at beauty', and colours the music orbyphoneat416-961-6601 x.207 throughout with bells, as a symbol of light. It is music with a con-. Jason van Eyk is the CMC's Ontario Regional Director. He can be science. And on top of the urgent and timely subject matter, like his reached at 416-961-6601 x. 207 or other concertos, it is rooted in !yr- . 0 ~arsbot'#l0 ·-._JA· W-!il(d''tf'.7· ./-· · Cir pr Sun.;' A c.in11d01Cou rn:il ~ lortheArts 20 October 1 · Nove mber 7 2003

A T 8 t •. Q Ii 0 R G 5 T M S M A R ' T Y R 2 O 0 / O 4 season cont i n u es. ; . Saturday October 4 -- etonal series ULRICH MAIB a.k.a. CELLECTRIC (cello + electronics from Berlin) Tuesda,y October 14 -- What.Next series PAUL PLIMLEY (solo piano) Sunday October 19 -- The Com'poser Now series L' ART POUR L' ART (flute, guitar+ percussion from Vienna) Music Ga llery Members' Night' Sunday October 26 -- WhatNext series AB BAARS TRIP (out Dutch swing) Thursday October 30 @ Goethe Insitut -- What.Next series KONK PACK (dynamic improv trio) Fri9ay October 3 1 -- The Composer Now series AIYUN HUANG (solo percussion) 197 John St. -- box office: 416-204-1080 WWW. musicgallery .org sign up ror our malling 11st1 ___. ---------------------- ---- -' October 1 - November 7 2003

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