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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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' & GLENN GOULD SJUDIO , . . ,, ' 1 Box OHice: 250. Front St. w .. Toronto, ON M5V 365.,'. Tel: 416-205-5SS5 Fax: il6-205 5551 E-mail: ggstix@toront, Glenn Gould Studio's intimate atmosphere and supurb acoustics is home to many of Toronto·~ favourite concert series and performance groups', including Amici, The 'Aldeburgh Connection, The'Latvian Concert Association, . New Music Concerts;' Off Ceriitre Musk, Soundstreams, Via Salzburg, and more. CBC Radio's flagship live performance concert series OnStage at Glenn Gould Studio .celebrates its 1o•h anniversary with 24,exciting concerts in 8 different series- Chamber; Vocal; Ensemble; Piano; two Jazz series- Vocal and Instru9lental; World; and -our newest series- Words & Music dedicated to the life and words of major Canadian p~ets. Join u.s· OnStage- for some of Toronto's most innovative concert experiences. Tickets and information for all concerts are available from the box office (416-205-5555), or on our website: HANNAFORD STREET SILVER BAND Artistic Director: Curlis Metcalf Executive Director: Raymond Tizzard Company Manager: David Archer Mail: 42 Frater Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C 2H6 Tel: 416-425-2874 E-mail: web-site: Box ollice: 416-366-7723 (St. Lawrence Centre) or l-800~708-6754 1i HIGH PARK CHOIRS OF TORONTO Music Director I Conductor: Dr. Gary Fisher Children's Choir Conductor: Zimlira P9loz Choir Manager: Mary Bella Address: 2100 Bloor Street West, Suite 6341. Toronto, ON M6S SAS 1 0 . W~ol1D1t1 MEMBERS' PROFILES 2003-2004 INTERNATIONAL RESOURCE PEijrtHi~JkG ~TISTS " ' Box 189 Sin A Toronto MSW lB Tel:,fi6-362,l422 Fd: 416~ E-mail: web: Incorp9rated .!:n 1985 as a charitable arts sen?ce 9rganizatiqn; the IRCPA mentors performmg artists to reach their potential on intemational stages: enlightens audiences about artists' ·' needs. and worksto enharice public awareness of Canadian artists' achievements. The Careers in Focus program offers ~ assessment and direction for employability. Sat/ Sun October 18/19, Opera Diva and Stage Director Regina Resnik will offer 14 Singers the opportunity to work with her. The next Career Moves'wo~kshop "Business in Performing". with experts in presentation, production, promotion and partnering. is in spring 2004. rransitions prepares professional singers, coaches or conductors for job interviews in Europe, starting August/September 2004, in Italy. Our Performing Arts Hall of Fame, includes a Boutique and Music Library.' Proceeds support the Hall's music libraries (Maureen Forrester and darice Carson), accessible during the week, and on holidays and weekends. , Canadian Friends of the Rome Opera facilitates performances by the Rome Opera in Canada, through exchanges and partnering of artists beginning in July 2004. , Sponsoring opportunities are available, and volunteers to join in these projects are welcome. :=::::~

MARWM,CONCERT.·BAND Music Director: Doug Ma.pning President, Wallytf)sbaldeston Contact Info: 1675\ COUJ\try Lane . . lB + " Brooklin, ON to1nco ·.~ .;, 8~-2094& Fa~ :

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