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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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;zw ;:;{' lliey Bu 'o

;zw ;:;{' lliey Bu 'o 255-1543 .li. 'Tel: 416-410"3,509 +1 'w'' >i& E~mail: mich' ' www.torontoclioridsocilly.org4\ ifi. 'I' ' Establishe · '\ :'the. TurorltoChoral . S~ciet}I' ' ·boasi:satr ··. .. . ,ofn~gapddeveloping fine 'voca.Hnusicians. surrently, the' Society include~ three1ch9~ groups: the.non-auditioned. Commuriify Chorr, the auditioned North 44° Ensemble (see separate profile) and the Street Haven Women's·Ensemble, offering homeless women an opportunity to perform and s.hare a collective ·~Jlsical experience. . · , ' With a piembership of over 70 mdividualS, the Community Choir,is.growmg every season. We offer P,edicated amateurs the opportunity to sing: learn, and have fun. Led by Artistic Director; Geoffrey Butler and Accompanist, William O'Meara, we will be presenting three major concerts this season. Our Christmas Concert, featuring Handel's Messiah will be · · performed December 10. The Turonto Mosaic; ·Part 2 Concert will be presented iri March, 2004, re-creating an historical view of1bronto through music and narrative. Our Spring Concert will feature Carmina Burana, June 2; 2004. · All concerts will be performed at Eastminster United church. We also perform at charity events throughout the season. The Community Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings. 7:30 pm · - 9:30 pm at Eastmin6ter United Church. e;1vww.torontoconso ;fiJox Office1 416-964•6337 . % -·--:- _,.-. .::;,r '·-.. ''@: ,;,· " ''" · the TutontQ C~n5ort, E:ana~~' s le~Qing period en .~embl~ speeializing iii mi dieval .and renaissance music, celebrates its 31st se.ason this ye¥. Alf 1bront6 concerts take place at Trinity-St Paill's Centre, 427.,Bloor Street West at 8 pm. In addition to the Turonto Series (listed below) the Consort offers- a three Sunday afternoon se,ries in Chalmers Chur9t. Guelph. At Christmas. the Consort will be recording its Sixth CD for Dorian "The Praetorius Christmas Vesperstt. October 17 & 18, Sh~espeare ; s So:p.gbook: .. English renaiSsance music, the Bard anda newly commissioned work by Toronto composer Andrew Ager. November 14 & 15 Laura Pudwell and Ellen Hargis in Recital. ·Solos _and duets by Hildegard of Bingen, Guillaume' de Machatit,..Tcfrquinio Merola and daudio Monteverdi , December 12 & 1~. The Piaetorius Ouistmas Vespers. A true recreation of a 17tll-century · celebration! February 6 & 7; The Splendour ofBurgundy. features Guillaume Dufay's masterpiece, the Missa Ecce Ancilla, · April 16 & 17, This year's opera-in-concert: Calisto by Francesco Cav:alli. with Suzie LeBlanc in the title role, also featuring Gillian Keith and Laura Pudwell and 17th-century orchestra. 20 W•1l1l1t1 MEMBERS' PROFILES 2003-2004 · 35 Hazelton Avenue, K Toronto, Off' M5R 2E3 Publicity: ff ancy Ind y "' I I.I I t Tel: 4Ui-96l-8~6 Fax: 416-961-0556 * 11111 ~, Rental: John Grecco · " Phone:, 416-922-3618 Fax: 416-922~2431 Membership: Kathleen Laeointe " Phone: 416-922-3618 •Fax: 416-922-2431, Audiences at the Heliconian Half will enjoy concerts and art exhibits in this charming , , hist9ric building. A list of concerts the public will be published monthly in Whole Note. As members we enjoy the converted church hall - a visual acoustic gem dating back to 1875. ; Arcl;litecturally the ·hall has a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams and brick fireplace., An original circular stained glass window illuminates th'e west window. There is comfortable seating or tables for 100 people. The Steinway piano waits to be played on the stage. There is a board/reception room and a kitchen. The lower level contains an attractive and ample c).oakroom. . The Toronto Heliconian Club welcomes applications for membership for women who are accomplished in Arts and Letters - Music, Art, Drama, Llterature or Humanities regular or junior (under 30 years for Y.z price). The membership is 5.00 yearly. Non-members may rent the air-conditioned hall at reasonable rates for recitals, rehearsals, weddings, lectures and seminars. We would be pleased to discuss your use of this marvellous facility. ·

In recent· season, the TMYC has completed work on several recordings. Most notable is the 1998 CD entitled The Magic of Christmas, featuring the work John Rutter, whose association as TMYC guest conductor helped make this recording a bestseller. More recently the TMYC joined the The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir to record Berlioz's Requiem for the Naxos label under the direction of Noel Edison. The TMYC's season begins in November with a performance of Requiems by Gabriel Faure and Eric Zeisl to commemorate Remembrance Day. In December, the Choir will welcome The Toronto Mass Choir as its guest for performances of traditional and gospel Christmas music. To dose its season the Choir will be joined by the North Toronto C.I. Choral Ensemble for a concert of music with a Spring theme. , O'm ~, ris Equi).ded in198S by Generld o~GuiUermo .•fi -~·- ' ~ --- - ~'· · ':~:lf': __ h< ::i.;- - - ~:C; - '°'' :~:·.::c·:;:..-~f . Silva-Mari~ ~ Totonto.9peretta T~eatre fs •a·c, +vibrant copi~~ny:With,~• mandate1 tp proquce,,; classical 6pJ'rettas '.featuring professional:: Canadian''artists of ixceptionaLtiilent: This ,, ~F t~, :-.4 - - .,,1.: '*"' .. seaspp features performing stars Elizabeth DeGt¥ia, Elizabeth Beeler, Fred l,ove, Robert ' Long~. Keith'Klassen, ·Shannon Mercer, Gisele fredette, Colin Ainsworth, Meredith Hall, r,.iura Whelan, Ross Neill.Jane Archibald, Mark Dubois and a host ofothers. Oscar Straus' The Chocolate Soldier runs from December 26, 2003 to}anuary 3, 2004 withJohann Strauss Jr.'s Die Fledennaus scheduled for April 23 through to May 2, 2004. Also featured are a concert With A Song in My Heart- The Best of Broadway Part III (October 5, 2003) and Canada's own operetta The Widow by Calixa Lavallee (February 14 & 15). All performances are at the Jane Mallett Theatre 416-366-7723. Please note TOT's annual New Year's Eve Gala 1 Party. with a pre-performance diner and postperformance dance at the HotHouse Cafe. April 4 features the "MusicalJourney"'(Paris) dinner and dance fundraiser. Call 416-922-2912 for tickets. ffi. ="{~ %;: ~~ gned in 1986 by Artistic Director or, Sinc~ .its · .. tiontheprchestra s~ed its~pypresent;ing inh~vative concertprpgi-amming. A~arieW of styles and .;id!pins h;:ive been explor~d, be,~i: exemplified by the successfulpremiere of jazz pianist Douglas Riley's ,','.Prince Edy;ard Island·SuiW in 2002. A further example is the CD recording, 'Romancing Chopin', which introduces 'the listener tp new perceptions of the popular Polish composer's music. This year's season includes a novel look ·at the world of opera with Stuart Hamilton on November 28 at the •sabel Bader Theatre. '!Wo later concerts feature the .Peter Appleyard Quintet with a new work by Buczynski and a .program of Spanish music with violinists Marta and Irina Kreczkovsky. On October 31 the orchestra will be making a return visit 'to the ROM to accompany the silent movie, "Nospheratu'. This year the lbronto Sinfonietta is pleased to welcome Philip McConnell as its Composer In Residence and recrognizes Ron Royer's association with the ensemble by appointing him Composer Emeritus. CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 Wholanota MEMBERS' PROFILES 2003-2004 21

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