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Volume 9 Issue 5 - February 2004

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Ginette Hamel,

Ginette Hamel, physiotherapist, and the writer, working in the AHC movement assessment studio with a video camera HEALTH Focus, coNT1Nu rn ment insurance, no disability insurance, no sick days), the stress of low and unpredictable incomes, and through it all, the internal demand of wanting to create and perform a,t our best. This working group, which ultimately became the Steering Committee of the Artists' Health Centre Foundation, met regularly for the next eight years, doing research into existing artists' clinics in the United States and Europe (we discovered that our ~oncept was uniqu\!), conducting a survey of artists in Toronto to ·determine where the greatest need was, creating a design for our "ideal clinic", and trying to find a way to make our health centre a reality. We had much help along the way from an energetic and committed group of business, medical, and arts professionals. In November, 2002, the Al and Malka Green Artists' 'Health Centre (AHC) opened within the Healthy Connections Program at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, and ·our dreams and vision became a reality! Although the clinic was closed for many weeks in the spring of 2003, due to SARS, the key elements of what we imagined are now in place, and with continuing input from artists, we know that we are close to our goal of providing a unique and groundbreaking model of health care delivery, offering an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach to health care for professional performing and creative artists. For us, a priority has always been the integration of conventional and alternative/complementary therapies. The centre currently has a primary care nurse practitioner, social worker, pharmacist, physiotherapist, and three registered massage therapists. Over the next year, we will add psychotherapy, chiropractic, and naturopathic services to the clinic, and we are developing a comprehensive referral list for those therapies that are not offered on site. The practitioners hired for the AHC have extensive experience with artists' issues and unique working conditions, and they work together as a team to provide the best and most efficient care. We have other priorities as well. Because artists frequently live at or below the poverty line, we have been raising funds to , establish a subsidy program, which will help those in financial need access th'e services that will help them continue to work as artists. Beginning in January, 2004, artist clients of the , AHC can apply for subsidy towards necessary therapies offered at the clinic. Part of the mandate of the AHC and the affiliated Artists' Health Centre Foundation is education and outreach to artists in the community, about ways to increase their level of well being, and how to prevent or deal with some of the more common injuries 'and health issues. To date, we have presented five seminars on artists' health issues, and this will be an ongoing part of our program, not just in the clin- Need a musician? Visit www.hireanartistca today Are you a creative, innovative artist looking for work? Then we are looking for you! Sign up now & join a network of Toronto's talented artists. ··· · · ·H~~ .... Toronto's only online directory of performing artists ic itself, but also as a "roadshow" presentation being taken around to arts companies and professional schools. ~esearch into artists' health issues and the creation of more effective treatment methods were both part of our original vision for the centre, and we are delighted that through the generosity of Al and Malka Green, Dr. David Cassidy, formerly a chiropractor, has been appointed as a senior scientist' at Toronto Western Hospital, attached to the Artists' Health Centre. ·The mandate of the Artists' Health Centre is to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing o(professional artists. With input from the artist community, together we can create a centre that helps ACADEMY CONCERT SERIES 37 ACADEMY OF Music 50 ACROBAT Music 51 ALDEBURGH CONNECTION 44 ALL THE KING'S VOICES 37 AMADEUS CHOIR 33 ARTISTS' HEAL TH CENTRE 48 ASSOCIATES OF THE TSO 35, 41 ATMA CLASSIOUE 57 BEAU So!R 35 BELL' ARTE SINGERS 37 BLACK TULIP ADMIN SERVICES 48 CAMMAC 49 CANADIAN Music CENTRE 55 CANCLONE 51 to heal artists, lo keep them healthy, and that keeps them living and working at their creative best. Christine Little Ardagh is Chair, Artists' Committee, Artists' Health Centre Foundation. For more information about the Artists' Health Centre Foundation and its activities, call 416.351.0239, e-mail to ahcf@on. aibn. com, or check our web site at www.ahcfca. To book an appointment at the Artists' Health Centre, please call 416.603.5263. The AHC is located in Toronto Western Hospital (399 Bathurst Street at Dundas), on the 3rdfloor, West Wing. INDEX OF ADVERTISERS CATHEDRAL BLUFFS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 42 CBC RECORDS 59 CHAMBER Music SOCIETY OF MISSISSAUGA 33 CHARLIE GRAY 60 CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK 22 C!lURCH OF ST. MARY MAGDALENE CHOIR 17 CONTINUUM CONTEMPORARY Music 36 DAVE SNIDER Music CENTRE 14 DEER PARK CONCERTS 42 EDWARD JONES 48 EMI CLASSICS 3, 63 Exm·ABILITY LEARNING 50 F & N ENTERPRISE 1 7 FESTIVAL WINO ORCHESTRA 51 FRIDAYS AT EIGHT 39 GARY ARMSTRONG 15 GEORGE HEINL 19 HARKNETT MUSICAL SERVICES 23 HELICONIAN CLUB 49 HIREANARTIST.CA 30 HONEST Eo's OPTICAL DEPARTMENT 29 HYMN SOCIETY ONTARIO CHAPTER 37 ISLINGTON UNITED CHURCH 35 JAMES SUGG 50 JUBILATE SINGERS 43 KATARINA BULAT 49 KATHERINE Scon 50 LISTME.CA 19 LoNG & McOuAOE 16 MARKHAM CONCERT BAND 44 MERLIN WILLIAMS 37 MIKROKOSMOS 26 MISSISSAUGA CHORAL FESTIVAL 40 MISSISSAUGA CHORAL SOCIETY 41 MISSISSAUGA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 32 MOOREOALE CONCERTS 40 30 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM Music TORONTO 7, 3 1, 34, 36, 42 MUSICIANS IN ORDINARY 36 NAXOS CANADA 53 NEW Music CONCERTS 31 , 38, 44 HEAL TH Focus CONTINUES ON PAGE 48 NORTH ToRONTO INSTITUTE OF Music 50 NORTH TORONTO PLAYERS 39 NUMUS CONCERTS 36 OFF CENTRE Music SALON 41 OPERA IS 15 OPERA YORK 25 ORIANA SINGERS 43 ORPHEUS CHOIR OF TORONTO 43 PADOON PIANO SERVICES 61 PATTIE KELLY 50 PAX CHRISTI CHORALE 17 PHILIP l. DAVIS LUTHIER 16 RCM COMMUNITY SCHOOL 32 RCM Music & BooK STORE 14 REMENYI HOUSE OF Music 25 Rom CONSERVATORY OF Music 11 Rom OPERA CANADA 27, 64 S.R.I. i:ANAQA 4 SALUKI Music 51 SCARBOROUGH PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA 35 SHIATSU CENTRE 29 SINE NDMINE ENSEMBLE 34 SINFONIA TORONTO 10 SouNo PosT 21 SouNOSTREAMS .CANADA 13, 32 ST. JAMES' CATHEDRAL 31 STUDIO 92 51 SUSAN CROWE CONNOLLY 50 T AFELMUSIK 34 TALISKER PLAYERS 38 TOREADOR Music RECORDING FACILITIES 51 TORONTO ALL STAR Bm BAND 36 TORONTO CENTRE, RCCO 50 TORONTO CHILDREN'S CHORUS 17 TORONTO DOWNTOWN JAZZ PARTY! 23 TORONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 9 TORONTO OPERA REPERTOIRE 27 TORONTO OPERETTA THEATRE 25 TORONTO SYMPHONY 0RCH 0 ESTRA 2 UNIVERSITY OFT ORONTO 8DOKSTORE 61 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FACULTY OF Music 39, 41 VICTORIA SCHOLARS 40 V1vA VocE VOICE STU010 50 WOMEN'S MUSICAL CLUB OF TORONTO 39 YAMAHA 55 YORK UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF Music 15 ZEN RECORDS 51 FE BRUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2004

Welcome to WholeNote's Live Listings Readers please note: . Presenters' plans change; and we occasionally make mistakes! Please always use the phone numbers provided to call ahead. For Concerts Further Afield (outside the GTA) see pages 44-45. For Music Theatre and Opera Listings see page 46. For Jazz Listings see pages 46-47. CONCERTS IN THE GTA Sunday February 01 - 11 :OOam & 2:00: Solar Stage Children's Theatre. The Alphabet Show. Vignettes about each letter of the alphabet with music, songs & puppets. Written & performed by Tom Vandenberg. Madison Centre, 4950 Yonge St. 4.16·368·3196. . For complete run see music theatre listings. -1:30: CAMMAC/McMichael Gallery. Cooler by the LakeJazdnsemble .. 10365 Islington Ave. 905·893·0344. Free with gallery admission: ,,(family). - 2:00: Koffler School of Music. The Stark Trio. Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio Op.50 in a: Alexander Stark, violin & oiher performers. Windsor Arms Hotel, 18 St. Thomas St. 416· 636· 1880 x228. . Proceeds to benefit . Koffler School of Music. - 2:00: Royal Ontario Museum. ROM Sunday Concert: George Gao, Chinese violin. 100 Queen's Park. 416-586·5549. Free with admission to the ROM: , (sr/st), (child 5· 14). • - 2:30: Opera in Concert The Tsars Bride. By Rimsky·Korsakov (in Russian). Marina Shemesh, Margaret Maye, Nikolay ChekasoJ, Keith Klassen, Michael Meraw, performers; Raisa Nakhmanovich, music director and pianist; Opera in Concert Chorus; Robert Cooper, cho(Us director. lnformati~e talk 45 minutes prior to performance. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416-366-7723. ,. - 3:00: Choirs of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene & Trinity College Chapel Choir. In Dulci Jubilo: Music for Candlemas. Schein: Missa Christus Natus Est; Grandi: Hodie Nobis de Caelo; Hassler: Verbum Caro Factum Est; Schroeder/Praetorius: In Dulci Jubilo. · Victoria Hathaway & Gillian Howard, oboe; Jonathan Ingham. gamba; Christopher Ku, continua; Dr. Willis Noble, director of music. Church of St. Mary Magdalene, 477 Manning. 416-978·3611. ,. - 3:00: Chrylark Arts and Music Series. Mark Fewer, violin; Peter Longworth, piano. Mozart: Sonata for piano & violin in A KV526; Buczynski: Sonata for violin & piano; Bach: Partita ind BWV 1004 for solo violin. Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 416-651 ·9380. ,(st)'. - 3:00: Sinfpnia Toronto. Young People'S Concerts: Meet a Composer. Excerpts from: Corelli: Sarabande, Gigue and Badinerie; Ager: Intermezzo; Rossini: Sonata 115; Elgar: Introduction and Allegro. Nurhan Arman, conductor. Lawrence Park Community Church, 2180 Bayview Ave. 416499·0403. ,. - 4:30: St Anne's Church. Choral Evensong. Aston: Evening Service in F; Byrd: Senex Puerum; FEBRUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2004 Wood: Expectans Expectavi. St. Anne's Choir; John Stephenson, director; Peter Orme, organ. 270 Gladstone Ave. 416-767-7290. Free. - 7:00: National Experimental Choir of Taiwan. Aboriginal, traditional & modern choral works from Taiwan; choral works of Monteverdi, Mozart, Poulenc & Verdi. Lee Jingmei, soprano solo. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 647·299-3596. -. - 8:00: Flying Cloud Folk Club. The Banjo Special Irish tenor banjo, Bluegrass banjo, traditional & original music. Brian Taheny, Chris Quinn, Chris Coole & Arnie Naiman, performers. T ranzac, 292 Brunswick. 416410-3655. ,. - 8:00: Goethe lnstitut/Volcano/Esprit Orchestra. Varilfttf. Kagel: experimental invitation in eleven movements, accompanied by vaudeville "acts". Ross Manson, artistic director; Andrew Burashko, musical director; Peter Chin, performance artist; Julia Sasso, dance artist. Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. West. 416· 504-7529. (advance), (door). -8:00: New Music Concerts. The Music of Mauricio Kagel Kagel: Burleske; Schwarzes Madrigal; Stlicke der Windrose (Norden; Westen). Wallace Halladay, solo saxophone; Elmer lseler Singers; Lydia Adams, conductor; New Music Con~erts Ensemble; Mauricio Kagel, guest composer/conductor. 7: 15: Illuminating iniroduction ~y Robert Aitken and the composer. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West. 416- 205-5555. -. WWW, THEWHOLENOTE.COM Monday February 02 - 7:00: U of T Faculty of Music. Ying Ouartet. Mozart: Quartet ind, K.421; Bartok: Quartet 112; Tchaikovsky: Quartet 111 in D, Op.11. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Par~. 416-978-3744. ,. Tuesday February 03 - 12: 10: U ofT Faculty of Music. Voice Performance Class. Oratorio Ensemble. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free. -12:30: York University Dept. of Music. Balkan Music Ensemble.Traditional choral & instrumental repertoire o! the Balkan region. Irene Markoff, director. Mclaughlin Perfo.rmance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele St. 416· 736-5186. Free. - 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. Lunch Hour Concert: Michael Bloss, organ. Program tba. 65 Church St. 416-364-7865. Free. - 8:00: U of T Faculty of MusiclAldeburgh Connection. Young Artist Recital. Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes & other music. Allison Bent, soprano;-Kathryn Knapp, mezzo; Michael McBride, tenor; Jason Nedecky, baritone; Stephen Ralls, Bruce Ubukata, piano. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. ,. Wednesday February 04 - 12:30: Music Gallery. Mandolini& Poulin. New works by Francesconi, Marty, Arcuri & Magnanensi. Sylvia Mandolini, violin; Brigitte Poulin, piano. 197 John St. 416-204-1080. Free. - 12:30: York University Dept. of Music. Early Music Ensemble. Sacred & secular · medieval and renaissance music. Judith Cohen, director. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele St. 416-736- 5186. Free. · - 12:30: Yorkminster Park Baptist Church. Giles Bryant, organ. 1585 Yonge St. 416-922· 1167. Free. - 8:00: Humber Music Jazz Series. Latin Jazz Night. Hilario Duran, Luis Mario Ochoa, Rick Lazar & Jane Bunnell, performers. Auditorium, Lakeshore Campus, 3199 Lakeshore Blvd. West. 416·675·6622 x3427. . - 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Perron: L' Autre Silence; Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D, Op.61; Saint-Saens: Symphony 113 inc Op.78 Organ Symphony. Leonidas Kavakos, violin, Patricia Krueger, organ; Jacques Lacombe, conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 416-593-4828. -. - 8:30: U of T Faculty of Music. Small Jazz Ensembles. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416- 978-3744. Free. Thursday February 05 - 12: 10: U ofT Faculty of Music. Toronto Wind Ouintet. Chan: Nature, Nurture, for quintet and percussion. Douglas Stewart, flute; Clare Scholtz, oboe; Stephen Pierre, clarinet; Harcus Hennigar, horn; Kathleen Mclean, bassoon; Beverley Johnston, percussion. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978·3144. Free. - 12:30: York University Dept. of Music. Middle East Ensemble. Classical & folk music drawn from Arab, Persian & Turkish traditions. Rob Simms, director. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele St. 416· 736-5186. Free. - 7:30: Canadian Opera Company. A Special Evening of Brahms and Wagner. Wagner: excerpts from Lohengrin; Siegfried Idyll; Brahms: Piano Concerto 111. Peter Collins, tenor; Anton Kuerti, piano; Canadian Opera Company Orchestra; Richard Bradshaw, conductor. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 416-872- 1111..-. - 8:00: Drury Lane Theatrical Productions. Olde Tyme Music Hall. Vaudeville & melodrama. Eleanor Belton, director( choreographer; Don Simpson, music director. · Drury Lane Theatre, 2269 New Street, Burlington. 905-637-3937. ,, (12 & under), group rates. For complete run see music. theatre listings. • - 8:00: Music Toronto. Philharmoi1ia Ouartett Berlin. Schulhoff: Quartet 111; Brahms: Quartet in B flat Op.67; Beethoven: Quartet in E flat Op.74 ' The Harp. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416-366-7723. ,. - 8:00: Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Ian Tyson. 130 Navy Street: 905-815-2021. .99. - 8:00: Royal Conservatory of Music. • Eliana Cuevas Sextet. Samba, salsa. Mazzoleni FREE CO at St. James'\Cat corner King ~- Ch FEBRUARYT 1:00 i1:4 MICHAEL B~OSS A "mixed bag'". MICHAEL VNGE Buxtehude: Praef Pache/bef: Ciaco Bohm.· VatetLJ Franck: Chdrat Durufle. Prelude le nom d'Afain . P. JOHN H. STEPHENSON; organ St. Anne ·s Church; Toronto "CRITICAL MASS" ' A benefit concert for "Second Harvest'' MICHAEL BLOSS, organ_, Program of German Romantics ::. ::m: 'i 416-364-7865 31

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