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Volume 9 Issue 6 - March 2004

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TORONTOHEARANDNOW .COM COMPOSER COMPANIONS by Jason van Eyk A yearning for spring and all Daniel Foley, Jim O'Leary and Juthings new must be in the air this han Puhm. When asked about his month, as many March music events programme contribution, entitled unveil a range of world pren:neres Souvenances, Toronto-based comby many local Canadian composers. poser Daniel Foley describes it as a Stimulating new creation goes a step multi•movement expression of many further for one upcoming concert, different memories from a trip to which showcases the finalists of its Florida, including impressions of the annual composition competition and Ikan finoka swamp (or "Quivering another, which highlights what it Earth"), which he says "teems with means to "compose for a change". pre-historic life". Ne.w Music Con­ All along the way is an exciting certs will co-present this concert with. stretch of concerts by our adventur- Two New Hours (CBC Radio Two). ous Toronto new music' presenters F0r more information visit ·and dynamic ensembles. As always, For we encourage you to open up new ticketscall416-204-1080. perspectives on new music and at- The following Saturday, Contintend any, or all, of these concerts uum Contemporary.Music will ofwith a Composer Companion as your fer the second concert in its Toronto own personal audio tour guide. season. On March 13th at the Mu- On the first Sunday of the month, sic Gallery·an expanded Continuum New Music Concerts presents "A ensemble will present "Inbreath", a Sacred Place" with the New Music programme of vocal works inter­ Concerts Ensemble and conductor spersed with instrumental entr'actes. Robert Aitken at the Music Gallery. Continuum Artistic Director Jennif­ Thls ~-Canadian programme, near- er Waring has chosen compas'itions ly all world premieres, features the from a range of established and work of compo~ers Barbara Croall, · emerging composers from Canada, 1:;~111,~1~ta11d&1\~m1(),~1,1,1::111t1,~tsi~,1~[111T1ti 1i1iii1 ListMe is a unique mailing list servicing Toronto's New Music organizations. It is for everyone who wants to be kept informed about the many New Music events and concerts in town. 0$ to ioin up to SO% discount from special promotional partners · one FREE CONCERT with your registration g@t on th@ list at funding partners \'" Art Gallery of Ontario ~ - • T He OIIITAA 1 0 T ltlLLIU M f' OllNCIA,T I O N Aus.tralia and the Netherlands to "ere- ances at the concert: A distinguished ate different islands of feelings and panel of Canadian mpsicians will carry diverse meanings". When I a W

K T 8 T • G I O R G I T N Ii M A R T Y R Dear WholeNote readers, You may have been following our financial and existential plight in the newspapers. Our cash crunch in December forced us to temporarily lay off our staff members, who then generously volunteered their skills and time in order to keep our concert programme. running . It has been a difficult and challenging time for us, but the ~upport we have received from our members and donors, from the press and from the artistic community has buoyed us up / and helped us through. Our thanks is profound. This letter is also a statement to · our community. I want to reassure you that although our existence · is precarious, our commitment is not. Our musicians and artists remain the unshakeable focus of all our survival endeavours. We have been able to resolve our immediate cash flow situation through the cooperation of the arts councils, and we are therefore encouraged to bring back the staff and resume normal activity in March. However, we are of necessity in an on-going process of planning and re-assessment for the near and long term future of the Music Galler,y. As our audience members, you are an integral part of that future. I encourage you to continue your support of the Music Gallery, and the artists we have the pleasure of presenting, with the most fundamental act of your attendance. Sincerely yours, Jim Montgomery Artistic Director, Gallery music gallery concert schedule: core programming 2/28 glass orchestra THE COMPOSER NOW 2/29 les coucous benevoles: new music for old instruments THE COMPOSER NOW 3/14 signals from shadow valley: reena katz ETONAL SERIES 3/20 quasar quatour de saxophones THE COMPOSER NOW 4/4 ros dunlop: australian clarinetist FRESH EARS FAMILY SERIES 4/15 ellis portal: andrew ager+ talisker players+ art by a.j. gray THE COMPOSER NOW 4/18 udo kasemets: cageweb THE COMPOSER NOW 4/29 cloud walking:diana m.cintosh + beverley johnston THE COMPOSER NOW . 5/9 ashkilS divan: traditional sufi music MASTER MUSICIANS FROM THE EAST 5/21 trio fibonacci: live recording for two new hours THE COMPOSER NOW t . St. Ceorge the Martyr ANGLICAN . t o r ontda rt sbou n ci I N,·r• o1.:c;,1:F•. ,:1.n.:w.11 ,"!)N~fil :}~

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