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Volume 9 Issue 6 - March 2004

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i· i - Concertos: Alain

i· i - Concertos: Alain Lefevre; Analekta (coming in April 2004) - Nino Rota: Orchestre Metropolitain; ATMA (April 2003) - Mozart Nair: Tafelrnusik; CBC Records (May 2003) - Bach Orchestral Suites: Tafelmusik; Analekta (March 2003) CLASSICAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR: VdCAL OR 1 CHORAL PERFORMANCE - Azulao: Isabel Bayrakdarian; CBC Records (November 2003) - Chants d'Auvergne: Karina Gauvin; CBC Records (March 2003) - Handel - Love Duets; Suzie Leblanc, Daniel Taylor; ATMA (November 2002) - Chants Sacres et Profanes: Tafelmusik Chamber Choir; CBC Records (March 2003) - Ideale: Songs of Paolo Tosti: Ben Heppner; Deutsche _Grarn­ _mophon (December 2003) . CLASSICAL COMPOSITION OF THE YEAR. - Norma Beecroft - Amplified String Quartet with Tape; Centrediscs (December 2003) - Christos Hatzis - Everlasting Light; CBC Records (February 2003) . - Jacques Hetu - Piano Concerto No.2; CBC Records (September 2003) - R. Murray Schafer - Credo; Opening Day (February 2003) - R. Murray .Schafer - String Quart€t No.8; ATMA (September 2003) Audiophile Recording Mastering 24 bit location recording ideal for Classical or Jazz location minimalist audiophile approach greater than 24 bit mastering complete from concept to disc 416-690-4334 · DISC CHILDRENS CLASSICS: Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals Renaud Capucon; Gautier Capucon; Emmanuel Pahud; Paul Mey-_ er; Frank Braley; Micheal Dalberto; David Guerrier; Marie-Pierre Langlamet Virgin Classics 5 45603 2 VE RIES Beintus. President Gorbachev adds three short staterrents in Russian. The speakers' royalties will be donated to charity, which may be a sufficient inducement to acquire a copy. Bruce Surtees EARLY MUSIC AND PERIOD PERFORMANCE: Prokofiev. - Peter and the Wolf; · Vivaldi: La veri~ in cimento Beintus - Wolf Tracks Ensemble Matheus, Sophia Loren and Bill Clinton, nar- Jean-Christophe Spinosi, dir. rators OPUS 111 OP 30365 Russian National Orchestra; Kent Nagano · Vivaldi: Mottetti PentaTone (Analekta) 5186 011. Academia Montis Regalis, Al~dro de Marchi, dir. This is the friendliest version I have OPUS 111 OP 30340 ever heard of 01rnival. It feels as though the group is playing just for our ears Considering the popularity of Vival- , only. Instead of the usual symphony di'sconcertos, the relative obscurity of orchestra here are 2 violins, a viola, a his vocal music, apartfromafewworks cello, a bass, a flute, a clarinet, a harp,· like tlie'Gloria RV589 and the Stabat a xylophone and, of course, 2 pianos. Mater, is baffling. After all, he wrote The soloists appear to be having a ball over one hundred operas, although only as they embrace the concept, once or about thirty seem to have survived. twice with [intentionally] hilarious re- La verita in cimeruo, is delightful, suits'. Children for whom I played this especially when performed as stylishly were delighted as they recognized the as on this, its premiere recording. The individual animals. The Fantasie for brilliant orchestrations thatmake Vivalviolin and harp, the Romance for cello di 's concertos so irresistible are everyand piano, and the Priere for ceUo and where in evidence here, with colourful piano all fall comfortably upon the ears. inst.rum:ntation and vivid word-paint­ The Septet in E flat Major rounds out ing. But what makes this opera work an extremely attractive p~sentation. so well dramatically is Vivaldi's ability Whimsical cover art completes this to paint psychological portraits. winningpackage. Through a bounty of splendid arias, The Wolf disc is another story. It is as well as particularly effective recitaessentially a "save the wildlife" project tives, he develops each individual charwith a very i.lnambiguous message, acter, revealingdepthsofhumanerro- ' charging Man with encroaching on the , tion. natural habitat Qf the wolf and pushing The plot, ' which involv_es babies it to the edge of extinction. Sophia switched. at birth, offers plenty of op­ Lorennarrates Peter and the Wolf with pqrtunities for genuine pathos,_ espechann, but with little involvem:nt. Pres- cially for the put-upon son, 2:elirn, sung ident Clinton narrates Wolf Traps, a exquisitely by young countertenor live and let live parable by thirty-sorre- P~ppe J aroussky. Tenor Anthony thing French composer Jean-Pascal Rolfe Johnson is suitably befuddled as RECORDS LIMITED VVolf at my door the New CD of original music by Brenda Muller -L\ Ardeleana Featuring vocals by Lilac Cana & Nancy delbng available at: HMV & other fine music stores 58 M ARC H 1 - APRIL 7 2004

of female models with vacuous facial expressions, decidedly odd hairdos and, in the case of La veritii in cimento, a tattooed hand - they are outstandingly presented in every way. Pamela Marg/es Bach - Cantatas Volume 23 Matthew White Bach CollegiumJapan; Masaaki Suzuki BISCDl331 This delightful recording features performances of four cantatas composed during Bach's second ytar in Leipzig: BWV 10,93, 107and 178. Anf1Jtfully chosen program, it also bears clear testimony to the fact that period performance of J .S. Bach is alive and well in Japan! The Bach Collegium Japan, founded in 1990 by Masaaki Stpiki to perform sacred music of the Baroque, performs with elegani;:e, expressiveness, and obvious love for their chosen rep9rtoire. Of special note for me was the poised enthusiasm of Cantata lO's opening chorus, with choral and orchestral parts beautifully balanced, and the barely-subdued bubblingjoy which permeated the rest of this Magnificat-texted work.· The exquisitely bittersweet opening of Cantata 107, and its tenor aria, "Darum ich rnich ihm ergebe" sung by Makoto Sakuarda, were two other favourite moments. The soloists, including Canadian Matthew White, all acquit themselves admirably and blend remarkably well when featured in duets or trios such as "Er denket der Barmherzigkeit" and "Auf sperren sie den Rachen weit". The orchestral playing is balanced and expressive throughout the entire recording; some particularly charming playing emanates from the orchestra's wind section, notably the oboe solo in BWV 93's soprano aria, the flutes throughout cantata 107, and the oboes d' amore and bassoon in cantata 178. Alison Melville Madrigal History Tour The King's Singers Consort of Musicke EMI Classics 5 85714 2 -·~·- YO-YIO m 1• oG:Yado BRA~ enCER~ .- :fhe follow-1,!p recording to the Grammy® .· winning Obrigado Braziland the first Live alb Ma's care,'.l r: Obrigago Brazil .,.. Live In Conce 9 brand ~eJf~tin frd'cks from bossa nova to ta ·,:_. ·,; .. : . _,,,·-.,;,,

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