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Volume 9 Issue 6 - March 2004

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- !. I The King's

- !. I The King's Singers I Madrigal History lour i ::.:t;"t::t '.·;; ;;: Obviously a pun on the The Beatles' "Magical Mysteiy Tour," this CD recording of the male vocal sextet, The King's Singers, was originally made in 1983 for the BBC series "Madrigal History Tour." In this budget re-issue in EMI's "Encore" line, it is disappointing to learn that the original 39-page booklet complete with original texts, translations and program notes, has been replaced with only two pages of notes and a bit of artists' biography. However, the 34 selections (count 'em!) of Italian, English, French, Spanish, and German "madrigals" - provide over 74 minutes of delightful singing. One is immediately captivated by the sparkling interpretations, stunning vocal blend, phenomenal precision, impeccable musicianship, and generous palette ot' colours and styles. The instrumentalists. The Consort of Musick under Anthony Rooley's direction, provide imaginative accompaniment throughout. Highlights include baritone Anthony Holt's duet with himself in "Labella Franceschina," the expressive range in De Wert's "Orsi rallegri ii cielo," the vocal artillery in Janequin's onomatopoeic "La Guerre," the heartw renching "Too much I once lamented" by Tomkins, Senft 's curious "Das G 'laut zu Speyer," and the sinewy smooth "Ach, weh des Leiden" by Hassler. It's hard to imagine finer ensemble singing than this! Frank Nakashima CLASSICAL AND ROMANTIC Mahler - Fourth Symphony Orchestre Metropolitain; Yannick Nezet-Seguin ATMA ACD22306 60 Mahler4 ,~::{ ''.··.'.·,···} ~~~~

tality. Even though the Mazurka opus 63 in F minor is marked lento, Anderszewski, with hearttelttendemess, is very slow indeed. Even in the grandest works, like the "Heroic" Eolonaise opus 53 in major, one of Chopin's most popular works, Anderszewski displays dazzling lightness. In the Fourth Ballade in F minor, one of the masterpieces of piano literature, he captures the shifting moods exquisitely. Anderszewski presents Chopin as poet rather than showman. Even in the most virtuosic passages, he cherishes the sublime moments of reflection which make Chopin's music so profoundly moving. This is a compelling disc. Pamela Marg/es that I didn't know there was enough of Rodrigo's orchestral music to fill eight CD's. I enjoyed this recording immensely. I think it's an absolute must for any serious student or fan of the flute to hear these pieces. Merlin Williams Piano Music of Villa-Lobos Volume3 Alma Petchersky ASV CD DCA 1149 MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY Rodrigo: Complete Orchestral Works Vol. 8 Concierto Pastoral Joanna G'froerer Asturias Symphony Orchestra; Maximiano Valdes Naxos 8.557801 )~m SrANI.S"lf Cl.A~iC::S .......... itifoii1ii

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