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Volume 9 Issue 6 - March 2004

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111 111 !II !II 111 Ill 111 Ill Ill rrm rrm rrm 1nn rrm NAXOS Jllll 11111 11111 11111 11111 NEW RELEASES C,\.\'CWN DE CC(';,\ Cfuhnr !\-111:,-h.' fr1m1 oughly modem, yet rooted in the roots of jazz. In an Ellington way, Braid crafts features for his soloists that are eminently suitable: Murley builds and builds on the quiet motif of The Music Room and John McLeod is at once edgy and calmly flowing in For JM. The wrap up tune is a long blow on a standard thing, Love, called here What ls This? and everybody has an answer. What this is, I think, is early years of what will be a remarkable career in jazz. Ted O'Reilly a totality that sounds like a tentet rather appropriate for Music Works, Hats than a quintet On a scale of one to five, oft1 I rate this disk a six. Phil Ehrensaft Phil Ehrensaft In the Future of Your Dream (the words of Peter McPhee) Tim Postgate Guildwood Records GROOS ( Lwninance Marilyn Lerner Ambiance Magnetique AM 115 CD 66 GUITAR MUSIC FROM CUBA Marco Tamayo, Guitar Mi! AMl

RECENT RELEASES FROM BLUE NOTE CASSANDRA WILSON GLAMOURED "Down South, musicians have to be able to play in many different circumstances and in many contexts," she says. "They have to play jazz, they have to integrate the blues, and they have to know country. And the lines are kinda blurry sometimes, 'cause that's what everybody wants to hear." MILES DAVIS BIRD LAND 1951 Through the Miles Davis estate, Blue Note is making available three Symphony Sid broadcasts from Birdland in 1951. Two sessions feature his regular all-stars; a third is a NEVER BEFORE RELEASED setting. The broadcasts have been digitally re-mastered, using great care to bring the music to the best available sonic level. TERENCE BLANCHARD BOUNCE Following in the footsteps of his own mentor, Art Blakey, Blanchard has assembled a group of the most talented and original young muscians in the world. As in the days of Blakey's Jazz Messengers, you probably haven't heard of the guys in this group - but you soon will! DIANNE REEVES A LITTLE MOONLIGHT This is the album that critics and fans have been waiting for Dianne to make. Focused on romantic standards done in a simple setting, this is the true showcase for her voice. • ~ ........_,,, Im

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