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Volume 9 Issue 8 - May 2004

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-d·W$¥4i.l;\il!ldl;i·®!M.l;l·Pcompiled and edited by David Perlman As usual these three interviews were conducted by e-mail in the couple of weeks prior to going to press. They are only tangentially related to the theme of the month, "Choral Celebration", which, given the huge response of choirs to our Choral Celebration week evidenced in your "Yellow Pages" directory of Choirs, is probably just as well. As usual each interview started with "Please say who you are, what you 're involved in right now, ·and something about the longer term. Paths diverged rapidly thereafter! . . My soprano alias is rvteasha Brueggergosman. I am a classical singer. I move amongst you undetected, sweetly whispering the good news of classical music in your ear. Perhaps you've been coasting the airwaves and fotmd yourself suddenly .seduced by a MEASHA BRUEGGERGOSMAN sweet, intoxicating "jene-sais-quoi" wrapped in the guise of song or been flipping the channels and suddenly find yourself lost in a red afro that you could swear was singing. That, my friends , is my alter-ego, rvteasha Brueggergosman: Soprano d 'Excellence and champion of the Afro. Her ultimate goal is total world domination and her weapon of choice is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Together, they yield a power so great that before you kn6w it, everyone will be growing afros and swaying to the rockin' grooves of fvfahler, Ravel and Verdi. Be slain on rvtay 7th, 2004, when I perform an all-Spanish program (si, muy caliente!) at the Glenn Gould Studio with the Amici Ensemble. EXCEPT for recent years, there The Apprentice (and I'm inconhas never been a moment in my salable). life when I wasn't simultaneous- What 's ahead? ly in, at least, seventeen choirs. · Some highlights include: Pre- Apocalyptic Rock, performed in school choir, Huggy Choir, District 18 Girls' Choir, Children's You mentioned the Amici concert a unitard. Choir, Adoniram Youth Choir, May 7. Joaquin Valdepenas of Senior Choir, Production Choir; Amici in a cover story for us a fvfacrvtillan Singers . Choirs, few years back (May 2001) talked choirs and more choirs. Am I a about the particular rewards of rockstar? Did the choirs contrib- small scale collaborative & enute to that? You bet. Could I semble work (compared to the never manage to blend? You bet. regimen of the symphonic large Did my choir directors throw me scale). Are you finding anything in the corner of the back row so of the same happening for you that my unblendable foghorn of now that you 're striding some a voice would angle in and some- pretty large stages? how get lost in the angelic con- 1 was recently given the gift, with a small ensemble called Collabo­ rations, of being able to collaborate with fvfatjash rvtrozewski (choreographer extraordinaire) and Tiffany Knight (dancer/actress of my dreams). rvtatt created this pas de dew: for Tiff and I. I have never felt so fulfilled and free as when I was dancing and singing .to Hindemith. Can you believe that? Take a look at my picture then tell me: Can you believe that? I've always longed for an opportunity to dance but felt unworthy, ungraceful, un-(insert adjective of low self-esteem rooted in some high school-type rejection). But fvfatt and Tiff saw in me something I pretty much refused to believe was there and they made me a more confident tributions of my fellow choristers? You bet. Coincidentally Gabrielle Mclaughlin of baroque ensemble 1 Furiosi also described their goal as "total world domination" FOLLOW-UP (in our December issue). Maybe So who's the un-altered ego? you can take turns? Anyway I And what's her ultimate goal? asked her "On the path to total world domination if you could fvfy un-altered ego is Trixy ·wave a wand and have any gig Browne, disco diva to the stars. anywhere, you and anyone else, This is our "Choral Celebration" who, what, where would it be?" issue-over 120 choirs will say Well, having already fulfilled my who they are for readers looking dream of performing and drinking with Jann Arden (although, for a choir to join. I'm curious about you and choirs. I think my sadly, not at the same time), I first memory of you (1994 or 95) would have to say that everything is a concert in the gymnasium at is pretty much downhill from University Settlement House in here. Although, if "The Darkness" called me, I would defi­ Toronto, singing solo with or in front of a choir. Some classical nitely say "when and where cuz singers I've interviewed talk about bapy, I'm there!" choirs never being a big part of finding their path. Not true for you? What's definitely over for you? INDEX OF ADVERTISERS and poised performer. rvty career from this point on will. be comprised of two categories: Before "The Dance" and After "The Dance". • AARON BROCK 63 AcADEMY OF Music 30 Ac ROB AT Muse 72 AtoEBURGH CONNECTION 58 ALEXANDER KATS 30 ALEXANDER SINGERS ANO PLAYERS 26 ALL lllE K1NG's Vo~es 31 AMADEUS CHOIR 31, 60 AMtl ENSEMBLE 55 ANALEKTA 77 ANNO DOMINI CHAMBEij SINGERS 32 AROELEANA 84 ARRAYMUSe 19, 65 ARrnTS' HEAJ. lll CENTRE 29 Assoc IA TES OF lllE TORONTO SYMPHONY 66 ATMA CLASSIDUE 11 BACH CHLDREN's CHORUS 15, 32 BACH CONSORT 5 5 BAY BLOOR RADIO 88 BLACK T ULf ADMIN SERvees 29 CAMMAC 25 CANADIAN CHlOREN°S OPERA CHORUS 27 CANADIAN Music CENTRE 79 CANCLONE 72 CAlllEDRAL BLUFFS SYMPHONY 63 6 CENTENARY UNITED CHURCH 61 HANOBELL SYMPOSIJM 69 NEW Muse CONCERTS 60 Sus AN CROWE CoNNOLL Y 30 CHAMBER Muse Socm OF M1smAiiGA 68 HANNAFORD STREET SLVER BAND 65 NoRlll 44 ° VocAJ. ENSEMBLE 56 SYMPHONY TOURS 14 CHOIRS ONTARIO 52 HARKNETTMUSCAI. SERVtES 25 NoRlll TORONTO INSTITUTE OF Must 75 TAFELMUSk BARooUE ORCHESTRA 9, 61 CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK 24, 53 HELtNA BowKiJN: OPERA CELEBRATION 54 T Al.ISKER PLAYERS 36, 66 CHRYlARK 54 AIDS IN AFRICA BENEFIT 21 ORCHESTRA TORONTO 64 TALLIS CHOIR 56 CLfFORO POOLE MEMORIAL CONCERT 64 HeLtONIAN HALL 73 0RiANA SWGERS 57 THEATRE OF EARLY Mus~ 13 CosMo Music 17 HIGH PARK CHOIRS 33 ORPHEUS CHOIR 33, 64 TOREADOR Music RECORDrlG FACLITES 73 DARBAZI 33 HYMN Socm, PmE KELLY30 ToRONTO A.LL STAR BIG BAND 59 DAVE SNDER Mus~ CENTRE 24 SoUlllERN ONTARIO CHAPTER 73 PENTHELIA SrmeRs 67 TORONTO CAMERATA CHAMBER CHOll 35 DEE!! PARK CoNceRTS c4 JOHN RINGEREIDE 67 PHalP L. DAVIS Lulll~R 17 TORONTO CHLDREN's CHORUS 34 DISTLLERY JAZZ FEsTNAJ. 23 JuBaATE SINGERS 33, 67 REMENYI House of Music 13 TORONTO MASQUE THEATRE 59 EARSHOT CONCERTS 58 KATARWA BULAT 29 Ru MAJ. TESE 71 TORONTO OPERA REPERTOllE 27 EAsr Mem Wm 53 KrlGSWAY CONSERVATORY OF Muse 75 RoY THOM SON HALL/MASSEY HAJ.L 3, 36 TORONTO SeNKJR STRrlGS 54 EDWARD JONES 29 L1srMe.cA 21 ROYAL OPERA CANADA 87 ToRONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 2 ELMER ISELER SriGERS 33, 59 LoNG & Mc0uADE 24 S.R.I. CANADA 4, 83, 83 ToRONTO WELSH MAJ.E Voce CHOIR 35 ExuL TATE CHAMBER SWGERS 59 MELODIC Voces ENSEMBLE 60 ScARBOROUGH CHORAi. Socm 26 UNM'RSITY OFT ORONTO BOOKSTORE 17 FESTNAI. MoNTREAL·BARooue 11 Mk ROKOSMOS 28 SHIATSU CENTRE 29 Vr1A Voce Voce STUDIO 71 FESTNAI. WIND ORCHESTRA 69 Mt TON CHORISTERS 66 SINFONIA TORONTO 12. Vr1A Youlll SINGERS 35 FELD OF DREAMS BED & BREAKFAST 15 Music AT lsLINGTON 65 SINFONIA TORONTO 57 VoCAJ. Po1NT CHAMBER CHoll 35 foRTE · THE ToRoNTO Mrn's CHORUS 66 Music AT METROPOLITAN 68 SISTERHOOD Of $.T. JOHN lllE DIVINE 55 WARE ACADEMY OF Mus~ 75 FRIDAYS AT EIGHT 56 Music ON lllE Hu 58 SONGBIRD STUDIOS 71 WHOLENOTE MAGAZrlE 16, 19 GARY ARMSTRONG 17 Music ToRONTO 7, 58, 68 SouND Posr 17 WOMEN'S Must Al. CLUB OF TORONTO 15 GEORGE HEINL 16 NAOINA MmE JACKSON 84 SoUNDSTREAMS CANADA 62 WYCHWOOD PARK PRODUCTIONS 85 GUELPH SPRWG FESTNAI. 53 NAXOS CANADA 86 Sr. JAMes' CAlllEDRAJ. 54 YAMAHA Music ScHooL 25 HANDBEll CONCERT: 1111l INT 0 L. New Muse CONCERTS 57 STUDIO 92 73 ZEN RECORDS 73 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE .COM MAY 1 - JUNE 7 2004

COLIN AINSWORTH Who? For those who don't know me, I am a tenor who is enjoying the beginnings of a career in opera, oratorio and rec'itals. Being born to deaf parents, I wasn'timmediately surrounded by music and came to singing quite late at the age of 17. I studied privately in Newmarket until I attended the University of Western Ontario studying with Dr. Darryl Edwards. In 2002, I finished my studies at the University of Toronto in the Opera Division. You may have seen me sing with organizations such pie. Body language, I find, is also as the Aldeburgh Connection, Op- an integral part of the, language. era Atelier, the Kitchener -Wate~loo My mom, who has very keen Philharmonic, or Chorus Niagara. eyes, is great at picking up peal also help run a production com- pie's body language and loves to pany, called Opera Everywhere imitate them. When my parents Productions, with my wife, Rachel come to a show, I gauge how well Cleland

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