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Volume 9 Issue 8 - May 2004

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May1 -8:00: Duke Ellington Society. Jim Galloway's 11Piece Woo Big Band. -8:30: Living Arts Centre. Tyler Yarem,a May2 -4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jazz Vespers -8:00: Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. The Big Band Broadcast -8:00: Geordie McDonald. Blue Mythos. May6 -8:00: RCM community School.Jazz Choir. May7 8:00: Islington United Churc,h. Jazz Concert Series: Climax Dixieland Jazz Band Maya -8:00: St Jude's Celebration of the Arts. The Woo Big Band's 25thAnniversary Celebration. -8:00: T empus Choral Society. Swing Into Spring -8:00: Durham Region Concert Assn. Classical Jazz. May14 -8:00: Classic Jau Society of Toronto. Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards. May15 -2:00 & 7:00: Toronto All-Star Big Band[The Serenaders!T ABB Four. You Must Remember Swiru. Special Guest, Buddy Defranco · 7:30: Music at St Mark's. The Daniel Rubinoff Jazz Trio. May 16 4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jazz Vespers May 27,29, June 1 -8:00: Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts. Diana Krall May29 -8:00: RCM Community School.Jazz Ensemble. May30 -2:00: Yorkminstrels Show Choir. Sif1J & SwirYJ. FURTHER AFIELD (In this issue St Catharines, Sonya, Hamilton) May1 7:30: Chorus Niagara.Halley: Missa Gaia., St Catharines. May2 7:00: Amis du Jau. Sundar Viswanathan, sax; Adrean Farrugia, piano; Andrew Downing, bass. Sonya M~y8 -8:00: Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. Swing,Swli(q,SwirYJHamilton ' May9 7:00: Amis du Jau. Mother's Day Performance Sonya May16 7:00: Amis du Jau. Swing Noiret Sonya May23 7:00: Amis du Jau.JohnCapon Band Sonya June6 7:00: Amis du Jau. Bryden Baird Band Sonya Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 Every Mon Salsa Night w/ OJ Frank Bischun. Every Tue Christopher Plok Swing Extrava· ganza. Every Wed The Outlaws. Every Thu Mike Ferfolia Band. May 1, 7, 8, 21, 22 Soular. May 14, 15, lady Kane. Arbour Cafe 266 Lakeshore Rd. E., Oakville. _905-844-1840 Ben Wicks 424 Parliament 416-961-9425 All shows start at 8 or 8:30. No cover May 1 The Jazz Extension. May 8 Georgia Ambros. May 15 Whiskey Jack. May 22 Janine Blanchard w/ Norm Amadio and Rose· mary Galloway. · Cameron House 408 Queen St. 416-703-0811 c'est What 67 Front St. E. 416-867-9499 Saturday afternoon traditional jazz from the Hot Five Jazzmakers, 4· 7 pm Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles 416-588 2930 Every Sun. Ron Davis Jam Session Grasshopper Jazz & Blues Bar 460 Parliament St. 416-323-1210 May 14, 29 Groove Conspiracy. May 21 Micha~/ Kleniec Grossman ~ s Tavern 379 Spadina Ave, 416-977-7000. The Happy Pals are still rocking the house Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00 pm, or later. May 10 laura Hubert. May 11 Blue Mon· . keys. May 12 Mike MacDonald. May 13 Neil Chapman. May 14 Gary Kendall. May 15.HappyPals, Crisco Brown. May 16Nicola Vaughan, The Nationals w/ Brian Caber. Hot House Cafe· Market Square 416-366· 7800 Jazz brun'ch every Sunday, alternating weeks: Ken Churchill Quartet, 5spot Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas West 416-531 -6604 Lisa's Cate 245 Carlaw Ave. 416-406-6470 May 2 Beverly Taft, Roland Hunter. May 7 Martini Manicure, Karen Manion. May 9 Chris McKhool. May 14 lisa Particelli. May 16 Peter Smith Trio. May 21 Andriy Tykhonov. May 23 Aura Borealis. May 28 Danny Depoe. May 3 D Les Singes Bleus. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West. Call 416-588-0307 for further times and info. Every Sat, Cuban Percussion School. May 1 Nick Ali & Marron Matizado. May 2 Bateria. May 5 Brazilian Funk w/ O'Aldeia & G11ests. May 6, Phillipe Flahaut CO launch. May 7 Evaristo Machado. May 8 Cache. May 9 Mother's Day Brunch, Mother's Day Dinner. May 11 T-Girl Tuesdays. May 13 Flying Bu/gars. May 14 Samba Toronto Festa Bra· sileira. May 15 luis Mario Ochoa Y Cimarron. May 16 Bateria. May 21 Cache. May 22 Proyecto Charanguero, May 26 feast of the East. Mezzetta 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687 "Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9:00 and 10:15 pm. Reservations recommended for first set. May 5 Frebecca Enkin, Brian De· Wolfe. May 12 Dave Mott, Rob Simms. May 19 Oon Thompson, Reg Schwager. May 26 Ben O'Cunha, Bob Fenton. Mezzrows 1546 Queen St. W. 416-535-4906 Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz and blues on Saturday afternoons, Sund.ay evenings and a live jam every other Wednesday. May 2 Shawn Nyquist. May 9 Molestics. May 16 Richard Underhill Montreal Bistro 65 Sherbourne 416-363-0179 . May 1 Gene OiNovi and Dave Young. May 3 Norm Amadio Ouartet w/ Diane Miller, May 4 -8 Dave McMurdo Ouintet. May 10 Beverly Taft Sextet. May 11 · 15 Ron Davis Trio. May 14 Ken Page Memorial Trust 6th Annual Benefit Gala (call 416-515-0200 for tickets}. May 18-22 Paul Read Ouartet. May 25-29 John Sherwood Trio. f\llay 31 Dione Taylor Ouintet. N' Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining 299KingSt. W.416·595-1958 Cajun style cooking; New Orleans style jazz Orbit Room 508A College St. 416-535-0613 Every Fri The Stickmen. Every Sat The Dexters. Every Sun Dave Murphy Band. Every Mon Kevin Breit and the Sisters fu: clid. Every Tue School of Roots. Every Wed LMT Connection. Every Thu De la Funk. May 1 Brian Auger's and the Oblivion Express Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 416-923-5716 One of Toronto's oldest watering holes, estab· lished in 1944 with a tradition of live jazz every Saturday afternoon. May 8 Toronto Jazz Orchestra Young·Jazz Composer's Com· petition. Ouigleys 2232 Queen E. 416-699-9998 Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 416-955-0887 Every Mon Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Tues Tyler Ya;emaandhisRhythm. Ever.y Wed Guest Performer Night. Every Thu Janice Hagen. Every Fri Chet Valiant Combo. Every Sat Tony Cassis. Rex Jazz and Blues Bar 94 Queen St. W. 416·598-2475 Sun-Fri 2 shows/evening, Sat, 3 shows/day May 1 Toronto Jazz Orchestra, Amanda Mar· tinez Latin Jazz Ensemble, Ian Bargh Ouartet. May 2 Humher College Community Music School Student Jazz Expo, "Shake" for Don 0. T. Thompson. May 3 Peter Hill Trio, The 4 Mikes. May 4 Norman Marshall Villeneuve Trio, Jazz Jam w/ The Molestics. May 5 Exitman, Patrice Barbanchon Trio. May 6 Kevin Ouain, Phil Ow· yer's Sax Summit. May 7 Melissa Stylianou Trio, - Phil Owyer's Sax Summit. May 8 Jake and the Blue Midnights, Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz Ensemble, Ted Warren Commission. May 9 U­ MOVE Star-Studded Gala Benefit (for United Mothers Opposed to Violence Everywhere}, Swing Rosie, Sarah John Ouintet. May 10 Pe· ter Hill Trio, John Cheesman Big Band. May 11 Norman Marshall Villeneuve Trio, Jazz Jam w/ Nick Ali, May 12 Exitman, Bob Brough & Stan Fomin present Carol McCarthy Ouintet. May 13 Kevin Ouain, Bob Brough & Stan Fromin present Carol McCarthy Ouintet. May 14 Melissa Stylianou ·Trio, Michael Occhipinti's Creation Dream. May 15 Swing Shift Big Band, Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz Ensemble, "Marvin Starr". May 16 Jazz Workshop, Club Ojango, Swing Rosie, John Capon Ouintet. May 17 Peter Hill Trio, Jazz Mechanics Big Band. May 18 Nor· man Marshall Villeneuve Trio, Jazz Jam w/ Bob Brough. May 19 Exitman, Kirk MacDonald Presents: Joe Sullivan & Andre White. May 20 Kevin Ouain, Kirk MacDonald Presents: Joe Sullivan & Andre White'. May 21 Melissa Stylianou Trio, Artie Roth Ouintet. May 22 Chris Hunt Tentet, Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz En· semble, Kiki Misumi Ouartet. May 23 Jazz Workshop, Be-Bop Cowboys, Swing Rosie, Greg OeOenus Trio. May 24 Peter Hill Trio, Les Sing· es B/eµs. May 25 Norman Marshall Villeneuve, Jazz Jam w/ Victor Bateman. May 26 Exitman, MandylaganOuartet. May 27 KevinOtiain, Tyler Summers Ouartet. May 28 Katherine Bates Trio, Jake Langley Ouartet. May 29 laura Hubert Band, Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz Ensemble, Nehring, Koller & Braid. May 30 Jazz Work· . shop, Michael Herring Sextet, Swing Rosie, Rab· nett 5. May 31 Peter Hill Trio, JohnMacleod's Rex Hotel Orchestra. · Rhodes Restaurant 1496 Yonge St. 416-968-9315 May 1 Gary Benson, Mary Jo Rudolf, Duncan Hopkins. May 7 Bill McBirnie, David Occhip. inti. May 8 San Murata, Neville Barnes, Len··- nyBoyd. May 14NormanAmadio, Diane Every Mon 9pm·12 Open Mic w/ Adam Miller. May 15 Ian Bargh, Fred Ouligal. May Blair. Every Jhu 10· 1 Mighty Gill (Show jall 21 Frank Wright, Ian Bargh. May 22 Simone originals}. Every Fri 5· 7 Classic Jm Mati· Johnson, Jim McBirnie. May 28 Ken For· neew. The Foolish Things. netran, Richard Whiteman. May 29 Gary Ben· Victory Cafe son, Judy Tate, Duncan Hopkins. 581 Markham st. 416·516·5787 Sassafraz Located beside Honest Ed's this spot is the 100 Cumberland 416·964·2222 Thursday night home of Club Django .• Thu·Sun Washington Savage. Sat, Sun Wildfire Steakhouse and Wine Bar (brunch) Roy Patterson Trio. 3438 Yonge St. 416·483-4800. Every Tues. Top O' the Senator 6:30·9:30 Dick Felix/Dan Ionescu. 253 Victoria,416·364·7517 May 2 George Evans Ouintet. May 4·9, Emilie Claire Barlow Ouintet. May 11, 12 Randy Bachman Trio (Tickets through Ticket· master}. May 13· 16 Bernie Senensky Septet. May 18-23 Mark Eisenman Trio featuring Jimmy Cobb. May 25·30 Bill Charlap Trio. RECORDS LIMITED ANNOUNCEMENTS S, LECTURES/SYMPOSIA, MASTER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, ETCETERA *May 1 2:00: Baroque Music Beside the Grange. BMBG Birthday Bash. Informal performances, refreshments, small silent auction. Trinity·St. Paul's United Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 416·588·4301. Suggested donation , or PWYC. · *May 1 3:00: Guelph Jazz Festival/The Bookshelf. The Other Side of Nowhere Book launch. Reception & signing (follows 2:00 concert at Chalmers United Church- see daily listings).41 Quebec SL Guelph. 519· 763· 4952. Book launch free; concert ,. *May 2 6:00 & 8:30: CFF Education Foundation/York University. Sibelius. Showing of film about the composer, directed by Timo Koivusalo, in Finnish with English subtitles. Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don Mills Rd. 416· 730·8350. , (CFF members), O(st). *May 4 6:00: Canadian Children's Opera Chorus. Gala Fundraiser. Cocktails, dinner, silent & live auctions; performances by CCOC Principal & Youth Choruses of scenes from Burry's The Hobbit and Sondheim's Into the Woods. Four Seasons Hotel, 21 Avenue Road. 416·366·0467. 5(tax receipt). *May 4 7:00: Regency Yorkville Luxury Condominiums/Royal Ontario Museum. An Evening in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Chamber musi.c performed by Baroque Music Beside the Grange; period background music provided by L' Atelier Grigorian; enter·to·win classical music prizes; champagne & hors d' oeuvres reception; recreation of the 18th century gardens where royals once played. Canada Court, 100 Queen's Park. 416·586· 5549. , (ROM members, sr/st). Proceeds to the ROM. *May 7 7:00: CNIB. Eye on the Arts. Bid on sculptures, ceramics, fine arts, blown glass, performing arts, spa retreats, the culinary arts & more while enjoying wine and liqueur tastings. Entertainment includes Antonella Cavallaro, voice; Simone Soman, voice; Bob Reid, piano. Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga, 905·275·5332, 416·413·9480. . *May 88am·11 am: Northumberland Orchestra & Choir. The Bach Yard Sale. Plants, collectibles, baked goods, books, household, sports, toys. Donations welcomed on Friday May 7, noon· 7pm. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cobourg. 905·342· 9295 .• *May 8 10am·5:30: Guelph Spring Festival. Passport to Music. A series of community concerts around Guelph, featuring choirs & stage bands made up of young musicians. 1Oam·12 noon: Old Quebec Street; 1 :00·4:00: Activity Court, St. George's Square; 4:30: Chalmers United Church. 519· 821·3210. Free. *May 8 1 Oam·5pm: St. Matthew's United Church. Day of music making for all student musicians. Beautiful sanctuary with renowned acoustics, concert grand piano, fine pipe organ; bongos & timpani available. Musicians will also play dinner music in the restaurant from 11 :30am to 1 :30 & for afternoon tea at 3pm. 729 St. Clair Ave. West. More information: 416·419·6904. *May 8 7:30: Newmarket Storytree/ Ardeleana Trio. Tales of Transformation. Evening of storytelling and music including presentation of Following Her Heart's Desire - The Maud lewis Story. Angela Hammar, flute; Catherine Maguire, piano; Brenda Muller, cello. Church of St. Timothy, 16700 Bayview Ave., Newmarket. 905·895·7867. . *May 8 8:00: Cantabile Chorale of York Region. Sensational Sixties. Dance & cabaret with light supper. Bayview Hill . Community Centre, 114 Spadina Rd., Richmond Hill. 905·737-1937. . *May 13 7:00: Celebrate Oakville, an ·Evening of Excellence. Performances by The Oakville Children's Choir & Johannes Linstead, nouveau flamenco guitarist; Michael Burgess, celebrity host. Wine tasting, silent auction of stunning trays decorated by talented artists. Pavilion on the Park, 1280 Dundas St. West, Oakville. 905·337-7104. , group rates. *May 13 9:00: Flying Bulgar Klezmer CONTINUES NEXT PACE · The Southern Ontario Chapter of the Hymn Society presents "The Ctiallenge of the Praise Chorus" with guest speaker Professor Ken Hull, Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo Monday evening, May 17,.2004 Refreshments 7 pm - Meeting 7:30 pm Kingsway Lampton United Church, Etobicoke (Prince Edward Dr. at The Kingsway) Everyone Welcome! Suggested donation by non-members: For further information call 416-239-8530 .

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