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Volume 9 Issue 9 - June 2004

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SUMMER FESTIVALS: JUNE 1 TO JULY 7 Dumaine Forget 2004 International Festival Fran~oys-Bemier Concert Hall 5 Saint Antoine, st-lrenee, Quebec, 1-888,336-7438; June: 19 8:30: l 'avant·goUtdu festival Demaine Forget Brass Quintet; Demaine Forget Brass Ensemble; Vincent Cichowicz, conductor, James Sommerville, ham; Suzanne G tJyette, piano & other perfonners. $~0 25 8:30: Opening Concert: Carte blanche a Emmanue/Pahud. Errmanuel Pahud, flute; Hansjiirg Schellenberger, oboe; James Parker, piano. . 26 8:30: Works by Wolf, Strauss, Mahler, Neidich. Les Violons du Roy; Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor, Charles Neidich, clarinet; Chiistopher Millard, bassoon. . 30 8:3D:les Decouvertes. Works by Lafond, Ysaye, Brahms, Kreisler, Sarasate. Marika Bournaki, piano; Alexandre Oa Costa, .vio6n. . July: 02 8:3D:LB Musiquede Chamb111. Works by Reinecke & Barber. Mathieu Dufour. Denis Bluteau flutes; Elaine Oouvas, oboe; Robert Spring; Marie Picard, clarinets and others. . 03 8:3D:lesStiistes. Works by Schubert and Brahms. Anton Kuert~ piano. . . 07 8:3D:l 'Art vocal· Saphire Night. Works by Hildegard Von Bingen & Patricia Van Ness. Cristi Catt, Carolann Buff, sopranos; Laurie Monahan, mezzo; Daniela Tosic, aho; . Events continue beyom/ July 1. Festival de Lanaudiere . Joliette, Quebec and countryside; 800 561-4343 Venues: Amphitheatre (Joliette) A; Church of St. Alphonse-Rodriguez, 960 rue Notre-Dame A·R; Cluchof St. l.hlaren!O!s, 919-12thAvel·L July: DZ il:OD: The Slavic Soul Rachmaninov & Dvorak. Alain Lefevre, piano; James Westman, baritone; Measha Brueggergosman, soprano; Robert Pomakov, bass & other perfonners - , lawn A 03 8:DD:Baroque Vutuosity. Handel: opera arias & other music. Vivica Genaux, voice; Les Violons du Roy; Bernard Labadie, conciJctor. -31, lawn .A 04 2:00: Semnade to the Sun. Serenades by Suk & Dvorak. Marie-Andree Benny, flute; Sinfonia de Lanaudiilre; Stliphare Laforest, conductor. • ; 1awn . A 05 8:00:/nvitation au voyage. French. Spanish and American songs. Measha Brueggergosman, soprano. . A·R 06 8:00: Maza rt and Other Delights. Music by Pentaedre, Reicha, Mozart, Ravel Poulenc. Daniele Bourget, flute; Martin Carpentier, clan· net; Nonnand Forget, oboe; Mathieu Lussier, bassoon; Louis-Philippe Marsolais, horn; Naida Cole, piano. . L·L Events continue beyo.'lt/ July 7. Grand River Baroque Festival BuehlowFann, TwpRd 12,AyrON 519-273-4539; www, June: 26 9am·3pm: Masterclass: J.S.Bach Brandenburg Concerti 1 and 3 Read·a·thon. Led by Linda Melsted. 519-885-2256. . July: 01 8:00: Brandenburg Extravaganza. Bach: Festival Ensemble. (aduh/sr), (st). OZ 8:00:/ncomparable Bach. Bach: Concerto for 3 Violins in D; Oboe Concerto in F; Cantatas BWV 54 & 64. Carolyn Sinclair, soprano; Laura Pud-· well, mezzo; Joseph Schnurr, tenor. Ben Covey, baritone; James Mason, oboe & other perfonners. (aduh/sr), (sl). 03 3:00: Murr/er a la Baroque. Music by Stradella, Johnson, Gesualdo, Leclair, Couperin, Lully, Handel. Meredith Hall, soprano; Colin Fox, narrator, Linda Melsted, Farran James, violins; Mary Katherine Finch, cello & other perfonners. (aduh/sr), (st). 03 8:00: Murr/er Most Foul A. Scarlatti: II Prino . Omocidio. Kinberly Barber, Meredith Hall, Michael Colvin, Monica Whicher, Daniel Cabena & other perfonners. (adult/sr). (st). 0311:0Dpm: TheMysterySonatas. Biber. Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Pasacaglia. Linda Melsted, Farran James, violins; Mary Katherine Finch, cello; Borys Medicky, harpsichord; Terry McKenna; lute & theorbo. (adult/ sr), O(st). · 04 11 :DOam:Bach's Coffee House. Music by Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi. Carolyn Sinclair, soprano; James Mason, oboe; Julie Ba1.111gartel, violin; Margaret Gay, cello; Michael Jarvis, harpsichord. (adult/sr), (st). 04 3:DO:J.S. Bach: St. John Passion. Monica Whicher, soprano; Laura Pudwell, mezzo; Michael Colvin, tenor, Daniel Lichti, baritone; Grand River Baroque Festival Chorus & Ensemble; Victor Mai1ens, conductor. (adult/sr), (sl). Great Canadian Town Band Festival Village of Orono Ontario 1-800-294-1032, 1-905-983-5518; June: 18 8:00: Fliday Night Military Tattoo. Pickering Concert Band; Pipes & Drums of the Toronto Scottish Reginent; Concert Band of Cobourg; Toronto Signals Band; RCMP Musical Ride. Fairgrounds 19 8:30am: Clanngton Concert Band; 11am: Oshawa Brass Band; 12:00 noon: Royal City 19 7:30:Va\lt: Lute sU!es; c.P.E. Baclt ClavK:OOrd Tor onto International fantasias. Nga! Nmh, I.rte; Thanasl!ei;1, clavi:hord Chamber Music Festival 19 8:00:C~ Vak et Vents: LB Bra!de Studio Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Traver.Itfe. MusicbyMazllll, Chaqmti!r, OlllUll& 5040 Yonge St.; 416-872-111 \ Lcrnlat. Masqie; Le Menue Galant. July: ZO 7:00am:Mouming Tears. Dowland: oz 8:00:fanfa111 fora festival Piano OuoAnag· Lachrinae 1604. Les Voix H1.111aines, viols; noson & Kinton; John Fanning. baritone; Pend- Sylvain Bergeron, lute. erecki String Quartet; Lenard Whiting. tenor. ZO Z:OO: Vtice of the Viohn: 1704 Biber· Duval Festival Vocal Quartet. Olivier Brauld. 03 Z:OO:A Musical Bou/ash. Mary Kenedi, 20 3:DO:Nicohtteet Aucussin: la Net's Chi/. Willicm Shookhoff, pianists; Alan Stellings, cello; d11111'sShow. 20 4:00: When I'm 64: Beatles Baroque. Les Festival Vocal Quartet & other perfonners. 03 5:00:Jazz in the Chamber. Without Words Boreades de Montreal. 20 5:3D:Bach Montnial Baroque. Bach: Cantatas Jazz T no; Gisele Kulak & Edward Franko, vcicalists. BWV 7 & 167. Suzie Leblanc; Daniel Taylor. 03 8:00:An Intimate Evening with Luba Boy. Charles Daniels; Stephan Macleod; Sande Mon- Guests: Bonita Boyd, flute; Nicholas Goluses, treal; Eric Milnes, director. guitar, Lenard Whiting. tenor; NinaScott-Stod- ZD 8:00:P111·Concert Concert. Les Freres dart, contralto & others. Thonen, ludy-gurt!Es. 20 8:3D:Acao'een Chansons. Improvisations on 04 11 :OOam: The Future Music AHStars. Lucy- Ana Gaston, violin; Allison Wiebe & Susan Smith, Acadian songs & dances. Suzie Leblanc, soprano; piano duo; Benjcmin Smith. piano; Sarah Onnerod, David Greenberg. Chris Nonnan, David soprano. McGuiness, perfonners. 04 3:00:James Campbell and friends. James 20 10:30pm:Plain Chant for St. John the Bap- Ccmpbell, clarinet; Penderecki String Quartet; tist. Toumee Manuscript; Pierre Cartier, director. Moshe Hammer, violin; Lenard Whiting. tenor. 21 8:00:6rand Finale: De Versa17/es au Nouveau Shoshana Friecman, soprano; Festival Vocal Monde. 17th century opera scenes from Old Quartet. Europe and the New World. Bernard Oeletre, f · I Th bass; Suzie Leblanc, soprano; Theatre Lavalliilre Westben Arts estiva eatre et Jabot. The Barn, 3 km porthwest of Campballford ON on County Rd. 30 Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival 705-653-5508, 877-883-5777;; 1 Mainstage events: June: Baba Ganoush, 232 Broadway BG 05 2:00: Schubett to Show Boat. Schubert: Mass Alexandra Park, bandshell & mainstage AP in G; Broadway choruses. Donna Bennett, so- June: 03 7:30: Opening Night Bala. Danny Marks & prano; Kin Dafoe, mezzo; Kevin McMillan, tenor. Marcus Wilson, baritone. (cushion), (fold- The bluz.frn Band; Chuck Jackson, Alec Fraser, ing chair), (sl) Willie Big Eyes Smith. . BG 06 Z:OO:Si:hubett to Show Boat. See June 5. 05 1 Z:OO noon, all aftamoon:flllf1 Concert. Jazz 13 2:00:Hannaf orri Stlllt1t Youth Band. Zone feattJiig Chris Ni:hol, Jack OeKeyzer Bini, (cushion), (folding cha~). (sl) T nxJE & Strife with Maueen Brown, Chris 20 2:00: The New Generation. Virginia Hatfield, Whiteey, The Ceilrs & other perforrrers. AP soprano; Joseph Schnurr, tenor & others; Brian 06 12:00 noon, all afternoon: Free concert. Heather Katz, Ryan Grist with Pat Labarbera, Finey, piano. (cushion), (folding char), (st) Jason Wison & T abarM, Maroy Lagm. Hiario Z6 9;Qo:Symph~ of love & HonOtJr. Roman- Ouran & Ro!Erto Occlipinti & otherperforrrers. AP tic arias; Beethoven; Emperor Concerto; T chaiko- Saxophone Quartet,· 2:DD:le kiosque a Musi/ue Club events on website. vsky: 1812 Overture. Donna Bennett, soprano; with Alain T rode/; 4:DD:Hannaforri Youth Baml; Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival Brian Finley, piano; Westben Festival Orchestra & 6:DD:Jazz Cats; 8:00: Rob McConneU T entet Mainstage events: Toronto Star Stage, Nathan Chorus; Dan Warren, director. (cushion), Sylvanus Gardens Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. West , (folding,chair), (st) 2010:3Dam:OutriOtTCIXfltTHHityChurchService 416-870-8000; www.torontojazz,com 27 11:0Dam: Meet the Brass/ Music from with Petedxxwgh T enfihSalvation Anny Band June: Purcen to HCJ'iler Sinpson. Centene Brass Quin· Montreal Baroque Festival 25 8:00: Bud Shank Quartet with Phil Woods, tel. (cushion), (folding ch~). (st), Various venues in Old Montreal OD Jackson opening fcmily rate 800-845-7171, 514-845-7171 26 8·00· Michel Camilo Trio· latin Jazz All- 27 Z:DD:Symphonies of love & HonOtJr. See Star; ' June26. (cushjon), (foldingca), June: 26 1Z midnight.Big Bad Voodoo Daddy · (st) . . . 18 8:3D:les Cha1pentier 17042004, Works by 27 8:00: John Scofield Trio with Steve Swat- 29 7:00: MuSJc of the N'?ht. Leslie Ne~an, Marc-Antoine Charpentier & Gabriel Charpentier. low & B171 Stewart Guido Basso & Strings flute; Peter Longworth, p1ano. (cushlOl1), Charles Daniels, tenor; Stradivaria and La Sande opening ' (folding chair), (st) Montreal Baroque; Studio de Musique ~ncienne 28 8:00: B/JndBoys Of Alabama, Keil July: . , de Montreal. Whiteley Band opening 012:DD:Mozart: The ~ag1c F~ute. UBC Opera 1810:30pm: VoyageofloveandDespair: 29 8:00: Wynton Marsalis, Stacey Kent Ensemble; Nancy He.nn1ston, director. (cush· Europe 1604. Love songs by Guedron, Dowland, opening ion), (folcf111Q chair), ~stl O'lndia and Monteverdi. Charles Daniels, tenor; 30 8:00: Bela fleck & The flecktones, Taxi 02 2:00: Mozart: The Magic Flute. See Ju~ 1. Nga! Nirth & Sylvail 8erlJ!l1ll1, kites; C~ Chain opening 03 Z:DD:Mazatt, Pany of 4/Flute Quartet in C; Stravagante, keyboclds; Les Voix Himai1ls, vDs. July: Pian.a Quartet i~ ~flat. Leslie Newi:na~, fl~e; 19 Z:DO:EnsembBStradivaria. Music by Rcrmau. 01 B:OO:AewDa;t WaxPoeticlp!llirf; Mane Berard, v1~bn; ~ent T~ple, viola, Wm.ona · 19 3:00: Nicohtte et Aucussin: LB Ne f's Chi/. oz B:OO:Ril'e of StWfjs with.Jean.Luc Pmty, Al Di Zelenka. ceUo; Bnan Finley, piano. (cushi'!'l), d11111'sShow. Medaarx/StaiilyC/atke,AlailCanx;r:peniTJ (folding chair), (st) 19 4:00: Mandragor. Medieval music. 03 8:00: Bary Burton Generations Quintet, Bad 04 2:00: Maz~tt, Palty ~f 41 See .July 3. 19 5:31Uach Montnfill Baroque. Bach: Cantata. ,-1us a' opening · · D61:DD:MustcoftheNight.Mus1cofRach· . , Le lie BWV 30. Suzie Leblanc; Daniel Taylor. Charles 04 8:00: Organ Summit featufing Joey Defranc- , manmoff, Strauss'. Fau~ & O~bussy. s . Daniels; Stephan Macleod; Sande Montreal; Eric esco DOtJg Riley, Jimmy Mc6fiff, Paul Bollen- Fagan, soprano; Bnan Filley, piano. (cuslion), Brandenburg Concerti 1 to 6. Grand River Baroque Milnes, director. backandByronlandham (foldingchair), (st) 42 WWW .THEWHOLENOTE.COM JUNE 1 - JULY 7 2004

ANNOUNCEMENTS • J'Une 5 & 6, noon - 8pm: Muhtadi lntllrna· tional (Toronto) Drumming Festival. 30 to 40 Torooto cultural based dnmning groups in· eluding Sanba Squad, First Nation Dnmners, lsshin Diako, Maracatu Nunca Antes, HlJ1111ing Bird Tassa, T 01111kak and Njacko Backo; divers foods, retail & ccmnunity information vendors; special events, ccmnunity art prograns & cultur· al initiatives. Queen's Park, Toronto. 905-294· · 9622, Free. •June 5 6:311-10:30pm: Festival of the Sound.Prelude! Gala evening of food, music & fun with favourite recipes, selection of Ontario wines, performances by Mary Lou Fallis, soprano, Carolyn Maule, piano, Janes Canpbell, clarinet; Gene DiNovi, jazz piano; Moshe Hammer, violin & others. Stockey .Centre for the Performing Arts, 2 Bay St,, Parry Sound. 866-364-0061, 705-746·2410. 0. Proceeds to support the Festival of the Sound •June 12 8:00: Arraymusic/Cantact Can· temporary Music. Yarr/Salefundraiser. Inter· ested seu8rs can rent a table for . Alexander Parkette, Y ooge & College nextto Buddies In Bad fmes Theatre. 416-532-3019. •June 13 3:30 & 5:30: Peterborough Folk Festival Annual Blues Cruise. Featuring the Rick Fines Trio. Departs from the Liftlock and River Cruises dock, 1 Rink Street, Peterborough. 705· 749·1130, "June 1810am·3pm;June 19&202pm· &pm: Montreal Baroqu1 Festival. Baroque fair. Crafts related to music making: paper and ilk making. pen and plectra making. leather tanning, horse hair preparation. wood carving. varnish making. costume making etc. Children's show by Ensemble Claude Gervaise: la petite mlinestrandise. Old Montreal. 800-845· 7171, Free. "June 18 7:30: Montreal Baroque Festival. Grand Parade. Bring your instruments and join in this colourful paradB down the rue St Paul · with the festival musicians, circus artists, drum· mers and costumed horses. Performers include Les Bonlades de Montreal & the Grande Ecurie du Roi. 01 Montreal. 800-845-7171, Free. •June 18 8:30: Wea11lpalooza. fundraiser anic and functional ocal training to gain access to your full range, resonance and vocal freedom. For singers, public speakers, teachers, clergy. or if you just want to·enjoy using your voice! **Gift Certificate )UNE 1 - )UL Y 7 2004 ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES/SYMPOSIA, MASTER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, ETCE fortheCanadianMusic Therapy Trost fund. Live music, silent auction, door prizes and other enter· tainment. The Mod Club, 722 College St. 416· 485-3135 x224, 416453-8749. . •June 18 & 19: Markham Village Music Festival. Various performers. Main Street, Old Markhan Village, 905472-2022. Free. "June 18, 19 & 20:Tastll of little Italy Street festival. Variety of music from classi· cal to salsa. Performances by the Toronto All· Star Big Band, Carlo Coppola, Con Cache, Clautio Santaluce Baml. Borg and Vella & others. College Street between Euclid and Shaw. 416-240· 9338, 416-231-5695. Free. • Jun1 19 1 Oam·4pm & Jun1 20 2pm·4pm: Mantr11I Baroque f11tival. lnstroment Builders' Exhibition. l;hateau Ranezay, Old Mon· treal. 800-845-7171, Free. •June 19 10:30pm: Montreal Baraqu1 Fatival. fireworks at fort Stewart on the lie SainttrHtflene. Thunderhawks Dnmners from Kanawake on the Jacques.Cartier docks. Boat departures from 10:30pm returning to Montreal. 800·845-7.171, www.montreal!aroque.,eom Free. •June 29 4:311-8:00: Plein Air Salon Con· certs. 2004 launch Party. Sanple the sounds of this smmer' s acoustic concerts, including Karyn Ellis, David Mclauchlin, The NOW Project, Michael Kleniec, Lisa Watson, Abeena Sanm & Shawn Sage. 345 Balliol St. 416487 ·0705, · Free. •July 11 O:OOam: Brighton Barn. Canada Love To Sing? Breathe new life into your voice with a unique and sensible kinesthetic approach to vocal pedagogy. This is a method which focuses on influencing arid improving the coordinative process of the vocal muscles. It brings them into equilibrium, thus eliminating muscular interference. Great for Everyone! •All styles •All Levels •Beginners and Children welcome e Excellent for public speakers, actors, etc. Call Pattie Kelly f

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