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Volume 9 Issue 9 - June 2004

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Gimell Playing

Gimell Playing Elizabeth's Tune The Tallis Scholars sing William Byrd Directed by Peter Phillips Gimell's first DVD-Video, Playing Elizabeth's Tune, focuses on the life and works of William Byrd. This multi-faceted DVD has a playing time of over 3 hours and includes filmed performances by The Tallis Scholars, a documentary on the composer and over 50 minutes of bonus audio tracks. The filmed performances (like a CD with pictures) feature over 70 minutes of sacred music by Elizabeth l's favourite composer including the 'Mass for 4 Voices' and 'Ave verum corpus'. It is performed by candlelight in the beautiful surrounds of Tewkesbury Abbey and recorded in genuine surround sound. In a seventy-minute documentary produced for the BBC, Charles Hazlewood further explores the life and music of William Byrd and the troubled times that produced some of the most intimate and passionate sacred music ever written. Bonus audio tracks including 'Byrd's Mass for 5 voices' and 'Mass for 3 voices' result in the complete audio recordings of Byrd's Masses being available on this one DVD. N 0 O> z 0 2 CJ EXCLUSIVE CANADIAN DISTRIBUTION

Wli.elenete TORONTO'S CLASSICAL AND POST CLASSICAL MUSIC SCENE . Volume 9 #9: June 1- July 7, 2004 Copyright © 2004 WhoeNote Media Inc. 720 Bathurst st., Su~e 503, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4 Staff Publisher Allan Pulker Editor David Perlman Production Manager Peter Hobbs Listings Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Jazz listings Sophia Perlman Webmaster Colin Puffer Web Technician Lee Weston Layout & Design David Perlman, Verity Hobbs, Mike Busija Cover Design Rocket Design Advertising Allan Pulker, Karen Ages Circulation Manager Sheila McCoy Systems Paul Farrelly, James Lawson COLUMNISTS Bandstand Merlin Williams Book Shelf Pamela Margles Choral Larry Beckwith Composer Companion Jason van Eyk Early Music Frank Nakashima Jazz .Jim Galloway Music Theatre Sarah B. Hood Opera Christopher Haile Quodlibet Allan Pulker T.O. Diary Colin Eatock World View Karen Ages Feature Writers Masha Buell, Allan Pulker, David Perlman DISCOVERIES (CD Reviews) Editor David Olds; Reviewers: Don Brown, Darren Copeland, Michelle Assay Eshghpour, Daniel Foley, John Gray, Sarah Hood, Pamela Margles, Alison Melville, Peter Kristian Mose, Frank Nakashima, Sarah Namer, Ted O'Reilly, Cathy Riches, Colin Savage, Bruce Surtees, Robert Tomas, Dianne Wells, Merlin Williams PICK OF THE CROP: SUMMER MUSIC OVERVIEW AND PROFILES Research: Paul Farrelly, Karen Ages Design: Verity Hobbs Display Ad Sales, (Un)classifled Ads & Listings: Phone 416-3n2232, Editorial: Phone 416-603-3786 ·E-mail: Fax: 416-603-4791 Websites: Paid Subscriptions (/year + GST) Phone: 416-928-6991 Circulation & Display Stands: 416-928-6991 Dates and Deadlines Next issue is Volume 9 #10 covering July 1 to September 7, 2004 Free Event Listings Deadline: 6pm Tuesday June 15 (covering period July 1 to September 7) Display Ad Reserva~ions Deadline: 6pm Tuesday June 15 Colour Ads must be received by noon Thursday June 17 Black and White Ads must be received by noon Friday June 18 Publication Date: Wednesday June 30 TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER STORY: 6,7 6 Bon Voyage Bllroque: Susie Napper Masha Buell 6 Two of Ontario's Best: Elora, FOS David Perlman DISCOVERIES (CD REVIEWS) 8, 45-53 8 Editor's Corner David Olds 45 Opera and Vocal Music; 47 Classical and Beyond; 49 Jazz; 50 Pot pourri; 52 Discs of the Month CONCERT NOTES 10-15 10 T.O. Musical Diary Colin Eatock 12 Quodlibet Allan Pulker 13 Early Music Frank Nakashima 14 Choral Scene Larry Beckwith TORbNTOHEARANDNOW (NEW MUSIC) 16 16 Composer Companions Jason van Eyk WORLD VIEW 17-18 17 World View Karen Ages JAZZ AND BAND 18,19 18 Jazz Notes Jim Galloway t8 In the Jazz Listings ... Sophia Perlman 19 Band Stand Merlin Williams OPERA AND MUSIC THEATRE 20 20 Music Theatre Spotlight Sarah B. Hood BOOKS 20,21 20 Book Shelf Pamela Marg/es SPECIAL EDITORIAL FOCUS 22-31 22 Pick of the Festival Crop Allan Pulker 22 Twenty Festival Profiles 32 Chart: Summer festivals and where to find them COMPREHENSIVE LIVE LISTINGS 34-42 34 Daily Concert Listings (GT A) 39 Daily Concert Listings (Further Afield) 40 Opera and Music Theatre Listings 41 Jazz: Concert artd Festival Quick Picks 41 Jazz: Club Listings 42 Sununer Festivals: June 1 to July 7 43 Announcements , Lectures/Symposia Etcetera UNCLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 44 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS AcAllMY CF Music 43 GARY ARMSTRCWG 20 RANix:t.t Acrs CF Misc 36 ACCtARICW 45 GEOOGE IBL 16 REMENn HlllSE CF Misc 2 ACROOAT Muse 45 GLHMIW f'RESBYTBllAN CHURDl 15 RKl< MuESE 43 Au. THE KING'S VaCfS 15 GRAND RMR BAROOJE fESTIV/i 2 Rev THCMSIW HAU}MASSEY Hltl 14 Ar.we DCMINI CHAMBER SNWIS 38 GREAT CANAOAN Rovli CtwSEllVATCJIY CF Muse 17 AflWEANA 45 fo.w BAND fESTIVli 37 S.R.I. CANADA 4, 49, 51, 53 AlillSTs' HEALTH CENTRE 33 HANlllil Ccwcan: 11 TH SlilATSIJ CENTRE 32 ATMACLASSllllE 3 INT'L HAN!llil SYMPOSIUM 13 S1NFOOIA T CJICWTO 12 BAY BLID! RADO 56 HARKNETT MusCAI. SERllCES 33 SooGBIRO STU!lOS 44 BLA'.l< TuuP AlMN SeM

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